Ranjit Bawa Clarifies Facts After Being Compared With Ammy Virk. Says We All Are One!

Ranjit Bawa Clarifies Facts After Being Compared With Ammy Virk. Says We All Are One!

We all have heard the tale of a poor farmer and his lesson of unity to his four sons, which teaches that nobody can break the ones who stay together. And the real life version of it can be witnessed in Punjabi Film Industry. Now when the Industry is finally witnessing the release of various Punjabi movies, there are some haters who are trying their best to break some pretty bonds. 

Recently a meme page’s post went viral in which it compared Ammy Virk and Ranjit Bawa. The post stated that Ammy Virk is a traitor and Ranjit a warrior. Not only this, but the post also had a justification for it. It stated, 

The role of Flight Lieutenant Vikram Singh Baj Jethaaz was first offered to Ranjit Bawa. But he declined the offer by saying that Ajay Devgan is against the Farmers’ Protest and also Zee is portraying the protesting farmers as terrorists and disrespecting the women of Punjab. But later, Ammy Virk charged double the fees and signed it to feature in Bollywood.’

The above written statement is not Kiddan’s, but the statement of the viral post which compared Ammy Virk with Ranjit Bawa and went viral. 

The post caught the attention of Jagdeep Sidhu who is the director of upcoming movie Qismat 2 which stars Ammy Virk, Sargun Mehta and Tania in the leading roles. He shared the post on his Instagram story, tagged Ranjit Bawa and requested him to share his opinion about the same and bring out the truth.

After this, Ranjit took it to his Instagram account where he shared a set of two stories and clarified the same. In one story he clearly mentioned that he didn’t attend Zee’s show because it was his personal decision and his team’s. As a farmer it was his duty not to attend it.

He also added,

Since the last few days a post is going viral about a Bollywood’s upcoming movie. But nothing about it is in my or my team’s knowledge. Don’t associate me with any artist. Everyone has their own job and decisions.”

In the second story, Bawa wrote,

He isn’t associated with any Bollywood Movie. Don’t put my pictures and compare me with any brother (artist). We all are one. Let’s leave the negativity behind and keep protesting against the Farm Bills.”

Later Jagdeep also shared Ranjit’s story and thanked Ranjit Bawa for bringing out the truth beautifully.

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