8 Best Movies of Ranjit Bawa That You Can’t Miss At Any Cost

There are talented people, then there are immensely talented people and then there are artists like Ranjit Bawa who make the viewer wonder if the art they are witnessing is even real. There is no question about Ranjit Bawa’s achievements as a singer but his fans know that he is as good of an actor as a singer. Ranjit Bawa has given the fans many movies to remember.

List Of Ranjit Bawa Movies That Are Embarked In The Punjabi Cinema Forever

1. Sarvann

Released in 2017, Sarvann brought Amrinder Gill, Simi Chahal and Ranjit Bawa in the lead roles. The film was directed by none other than Amberdeep Singh and was produced by Hollywood actress Priyanka Chopra under her production house, Purple Pebble Pictures. Ranjit Bawa played the role of Amreek in the movie. It marked the debut of Ranjit Bawa as an actor in the Punjabi film industry.

2. Toofan Singh

Regarded as one of the best movies Ranjit Bawa has ever done, Toofan Singh was released in 2017. Ranjit Bawa played the lead role of Toofan Singh and what he delivered was a performance to remember. A Sikh fighting for his rights and existence against the society, Toofan Singh has registered himself in the Punjabi cinema forever.

3. Vekh Baraatan Challiyan

Ranjit Bawa proved with this film that he is an all-rounder. Having played some serious and intense roles in the past, Ranjit plays “Shindi” in the Binnu Dhillon starrer “Vekh Baraatan Challiyan”, which is a comic character. Vekh Barataan Challiyan still has the potential to crack you up while watching it, and Ranjit’s role is a big reason behind it. It was released in 2017 and showed a new side of the actor Bawa.

4. Bhalwan Singh

Ranjit Bawa plays the antagonist Bhalwan Singh in this 2017 release. Bhalwan Singh is a romantic story of how the antagonist wins the heart of his lady-love Veero while fighting the British Rule in India. Set in the pre-independence era, Bhalwan Singh also fuses cracking comedy with the romantic drama and it makes Bhalwan Singh a completely balanced ride.

5. Khido Khundi

A movie on ‘Hockey’ is destined to be great. There have been many movies made on the game of Hockey but Khido Khundi stands out. Released in 2018, the film chronicles the story of two brothers from London, who return to their motherland India and form a field Hockey Team. Ranjit plays Fateh in the movie, who faces many obstacles but his love for hockey keeps him pushing forward.

6. Mr. and Mrs. 420 Returns

The sequel to a perfect comedy is never easy to make. The expectations of the audience with Mr. and Mrs. 420 were very high but the movie exceeded them all. Ranjit Bawa played the role of ‘Laadi’ in the 2018 release, who is a drug addict fighting against his impossible addiction. The story, the performances and the comedy has made Mr. and Mrs. 420 returns one of the best comedies of the industry.

7. High End Yaariyan

Ranjit Bawa plays Manga Singh Randhawa alongside Ninja and Jassie Gill in this 2018 release. Manga is a total Desi Punjabi in the UK. It beautifully represents the voice of international students who are often misunderstood by the masses. Depicting the hardships that the 3 friends face in living their lives abroad, the movie is a beautiful representation of the bond of friendship and the life of international students.

8. Tara Mira

We all know Ranjit Bawa is not somebody who’s afraid to bring forward controversial yet important social issues in front of the audience. Tara Mira is just another instance of his boldness. Tara’s father wants only ‘Jatt’ community to reside on the land of Punjab. But love knows no restrictions, no caste and no religion. Tara’s love interest Mira is unfortunately of the same caste Tara’s father is biased against. The movie beautifully depicts the caste system prevailing in Punjab and the mindset of some stubborn people like Tara’s father.

Ranjit Bawa might have been in the industry only for a brief period of time so far, but his acting skills and the type of movies he did nowhere show that. He’s always explored all sides of himself. He let the intense Bawa, the comic Bawa, the emotional Bawa, the Jolly Bawa and the ‘actor’ Bawa come out in front of the audience and his perfect skills have ensured him the love of the audience. Due to the COVID-19 situation, we could not witness the release of any Punjabi movie but now the condition is finally normal and we are sure Ranjit Bawa has a big closet prepared for us next!

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