Ranjit Bawa’s upcoming song will be a bundle of emotions!

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Ranjit Bawa has been in Punjabi Industry for years. He is known for his cute looks and powerful voice. And now he is currently in the limelight because of his upcoming song. The name of the song is, ‘Chote Chote Ghar’, the title of the song sounds really emotional, and as the name suggests this song will be something emotionally connected with Ranjit Bawa and his life.

Bawa has already shared the poster of the song on his social media accounts. It is said that this song will be a hot topic because it may make some people tick. 

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There are many songs, in which singers tell their own story and something just like that is the upcoming project of Ranjit Bawa that is coming really soon. 

Not to forget Ranjit’s song, ‘Mera Ki Kasoor’ also was in highlights and made some controversies. There were people who felt that the song hurt their religious sentiment.

You can read the story here,

Did Bawa hurt religious feelings with “Mera ki kasoor”?

Let us wait for his new and upcoming project and see what effect it will bring. 

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