Ranjit Bawa’s take on Sidhu Moosewala v/s Babbu Maan.

Sidhu Moosewala v/s Babbu Maan is currently the hottest topic right now in Punjabi Film Industry. Not only is it trending on different social media platforms, but celebrities are also commenting on their take on the matter. Recently Ranjit Bawa shared his opinion on his Instagram story and wrote, this is not something we should be fighting for. Instead of this, there are many more important issues that need to be highlighted and worked on, including drug addiction, water crises, our rights, and many more.

Ranjit Bawa-A Diligent Artiste who deserves more than what he gets.

We personally believe his opinion amongst other celebs commenting on the controversy is the best and most intellectual till now. Recently his song, ‘Banned’ has got released on YouTube, which is a beautiful combination of great lyrics talking about today’s generation and a heart-winning melody. You must listen to the song because it may hit your soul as well.

Top stage performers of Punjabi Industry

Coming back to Sidhu Moosewala’s online fight with Babbu Maan, recently Sidhu posted stories condemning the media in their roles in society, on Instagram. Read here:

Sidhu Moosewala expressed disgrace towards Media Practices!

We stand by Ranjit Bawa’s opinion, let us know what is your take on this? 

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