Rapper Sunny Malton Defends The Viral ‘Ford Da Tikka’ Girl

All of you must’ve seen the “Ford Da Tikka video”. The video has gone viral on social media, wherein a guy can be seen criticizing and making fun of a girl who misunderstood lyrics of one of Amrit Maan-Nimrat Khaira’s songs, Sira E Hou. The actual lyrics were “Picka Lai Dau Ford Da” but the girl in the video misunderstood it to be “Tikka Lai Dau Ford Da” and it resulted in 1000s of memes and jokes on the girl.


Punjabi rapper Sunny Malton took it to Instagram to defend the girl. He said that it’s totally normal for somebody to misunderstand some specific lines, it’s not much of a deal. Sunny even took a dig at the guy who criticized the girl by saying that he is looking forward to when Sidhu Moosewala is going to drop his upcoming album with a lot of western collaborations in it, and the guy would not understand their language. He further added that even the lines are not much clear in the song.

Sunny Malton’s Instagram Story

The video of the guy criticizing the girl has gone very viral on social media platforms. Several meme pages have uploaded it on their feed. What are your views on Sunny Malton’s statement regarding the viral video? Do you agree with him or not?

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