Ravi Singh Founder Of Khalsa Aid Shares About His Bad Health As Both His Kidney Fails

Throughout life, we all have our own health journeys, some are tougher than the others but the spirit we carry along the process helps make the process easier and makes us a stronger human. The very high-spirited Ravi Singh recently shared his health journey with the internet.

Ravi Singh- a British Indian Humanitarian and The founder and CEO of Khalsa Aid is an inspiration for all of us. He recently tweeted about the health problems he has been dealing with for the past two years. He wrote, “Over the last 2 years both of my Kidneys have crashed. It’s become a struggle to get around daily.” He further added “My first operation is today to set up Dialysis and hopefully eventually a transplant depending on a suitable Donor. We are all on a journey, this is mine.”

Various artists and celebs like Jazzy B & Ammy Virk shared the tweet wishing him speedy recovery and sending him prayers. We pray that his spirits remain high even in this difficult time and he have the support of his friends and family to help him get through the journey and hoping that he gets back strong and healthy in no time and continues inspiring us again. Team Kiddaan wishes him a speedy recovery!

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