Read To Know How Punjabi Singer Vicky Got Kaptaan’s ‘Top Notch Gabru’

Read To Know How Punjabi Singer Vicky Got Kaptaan’s ‘Top Notch Gabru’

Punjabi Singer Vicky has sung a lot of songs in Pollywood, but whatever he has delivered has become a hit. A few months back this young artist has sung ‘Top Notch Gabru’ which is not only loved by Punjabi audiences but Bollywood stars are also grooving on the beats of this song. But there’s a very fascinating and incredible story behind his journey in the industry, as well as this song. In an interview, Vicky unveiled that he has immense support from popular singer-lyricist Karan Aujla. After vocalizing the first song ‘Mor Suit’, he became happy with the way things are. Later he came out with the song ‘Mind Games’ featuring Karan Aujla.

Slowly and steadily, he joined the league of hit singers. The singer feels blessed to have Karan Aujla in his life as Karan once said to him that Vicky has laid the foundation now all that remains is to build it.

Karan told him that next time whenever he will release any song, it will for sure be written by Kaptaan and the music will be produced by Proof. And by the grace of God, Vicky got the chance to put his vocals on Kaptaan’s song ‘Top Notch Gabru’. The song has widely hit the music charts. He further added, like parents and brothers, Karan Aujla stands for him in every uncertainty.

Meanwhile, the singer recently released ‘Birth Place’. The song ‘Birth Place’ is produced by Sandeep Rehaan. Further, the Lyrics of this song are also written by Kaptaan. 

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