Read To Know Karan Aujla’s Statement On Glorification Of Gun Culture in Punjabi Songs

Punjabi music is high on every year, not just irrepressible beats but also riot, misogyny, insobriety and materialism. Every once in a while, Punjabi movies find themselves snagged in the groove. Be it Chitta kurta labedya Tu khoon naal ve, Mitra nu shaunk hathiyaara da, 5 taara theke utte baike tareya tera sara gussa and many more. As one after another singer strokes into gun and glory, violence-blended songs continue to define Punjabi music, propel many to instant fame and remain the topic of active debate. But singers also deny that somehow these songs do not affect the audience.

As in one of the interviews, singer cum lyrics was asked If Punjabi pop culture is the illness or symptomatic of a malaise that runs deep in Punjab’s audience, then he partially agreed and replied that somehow it affects the people but also it depends upon them too that how they take-up the songs. Whether they think upholding gun-violence songs is a badge of honor or they just enjoy them. Moreover, he added, many songs encouraged society.

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Also, songs related to Dunalis, drugs and alcohol are not inspired by the singers and lyricist life, so society must also take care of the fact that they must not get encouraged from violence-related songs and should take the decision of their own life. He also gave the example of kids show ‘Shaktiman’ that at some point in time we want to fly like him, but we know that it’s not true. 

Singer Karan Aujla enlightened many people from his struggle to his success. The singer is featured in more than forty songs as a lead artist. Moreover, one of his favorite tracks is ‘Up & Down’ which is sung by himself.

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