Read To Know The Potential Of 100 Rs In The New Normal World

With a constant rise in the price and your expenditure reaching the seventh skies, you might be assuming, what would 100 Rupees conceivably get you in this oh-so-incredible-costly country? Besides the pani puri, vada pav, dosa and other similar street foods, there’s a lot your hundred rupee note has to give. So, girls and boys, turn your glasses upside down and check out this stuff that one can get exact under a hundred:

1. 1 liter petrol

If you are fond of Gedi but your bike has less petrol and if you have only 100 bucks in your pocket, then need not worry as you can get 1 litre of petrol for 100 Rs, which helps you to wander around streets with your gangs.

2. Street food

With just 100 rupees you can fascinate yourself with delicious and spicy Street food which you can find in every city. It is the most reasonable food you ever come across in the world with lots of options. Go for the dirtiest unhygienic and smallest vendor chats shops and you can enjoy food like variety in chaat, golgappe, Samosa, Rolls, Momos etc.

3. Sunglasses

You must be wondering when sunglasses fall under ₹100. If you wander into the street and ever buy clothes and accessories from Stalls, you must be aware of ‘Ray Band’ sunglasses, which can be found in different shapes and shades. 

4. Chicken Biryani

As you can see in the picture, this thele wala sells Kauaa biryani for ₹5 per plate. So you definitely munch on 20 plates and can share with your friends and family. This scene was taken from Run movie.

5. Deduct money for overacting

You must be aware of the dialogue ‘50 Rs kaat over acting k’, so yes you can deduct twice from anyone’s acting. The picture is showing Varun Dhawan captured from his movie. No offense, but he sometimes does.

6. Pay your friend

We all have one friend who never completes his/her assignment on time and always lends help from others. But that friend is good enough to give you a treat for ₹100. So yeah, you can get your homework done by giving a party to your friend.

So, now you know the potential of 100rs note. For girls, you can shop from Sarojini and buy a beautiful dress for 100 and for boys you can visit a salon and get a haircut and beard trim.

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Disclaimer: All images are taken from the Ad Parody Instagram account and used for representational purposes.

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