Read To Know Why Diljit Dosanjh Once Rejected A Hollywood Project

Read To Know Why Diljit Dosanjh Once Rejected A Hollywood Project

Popular Punjabi singer turned actor, Diljit Dosanjh is winning lots of hearts in Punjabi Industry, all thanks to his impeccable performances in films. He is a big name in Punjabi cinema, however, he is also making his presence felt in Bollywood. He is one of the most popular Punjabi actors with a huge fan following all over the place. One of the reasons why everyone respects him so much is his respect towards the culture and religion. He is also a very soft spoken and straight forward celebrity.

Diljit is very selective when it comes to signing films. Despite getting lots of offers from Pollywood and Bollywood, he has rejected most of them. Not only this, the ace actor also got an offer from Hollywood, which is the dream of many artists. However, fans have always wondered about why Diljit rejects Hollywood offers. The actor has himself revealed the reason in a recent interview. Talking about the reason, he said,  he was offered a Hollywood film for dubbing, but their budget did not feel right to him. They were not offering him good money. Though he told them that if it’s such a big production house then they should offer him a good deal, but that did not happen.

Earlier, he also rejected bollywood offers as he was asked to give up his turban for the sake of earning big money, but he didn’t. Diljit gains a lot of respect from people for choosing great deals.

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