Read To Know Why Karan Aujla Thinks Punjabi Music Is Influenced By Spanish Music

Read To Know Why Karan Aujla Thinks Punjabi Music Is Influenced By Spanish Music

Karan Aujla is a very popular singer most commonly known for his works in the Punjabi entertainment industry and enjoys a fair share of fame across the whole world. Karan Aujla’s songs have often received praises and critical acclaim by fans and critics. Since he announced the upcoming debut album BackThaFu*up, fans are eagerly waiting for it to be released. This is not the first time but the singstar’s songs have always been awaited by fans and have often topped the charts. But you will be surprised to know that Karan not only uses Punjabi or American music to his songs but Spanish too. 

When the artist was asked about why Punjabi musicians and music are influenced by Spanish music. He says, music feeds the soul but as we see through the latest output by various Punjabi artists, it also feeds the revolution. Spanish music is very close to punjabi music, he added. Like American music has more raps, Spanish is melodious. Moreover, we can also see people performing Gidda and bhangra on Spanish music. That’s why many musicians are influenced and use Spanish music in their songs.

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Be it any song of Karan Aujla, it always hits the music chart and fetches appreciation from the audience. His overwhelming and upbeat songs also gained fame on an international level. Further, the singer always represents our country with Punjabi hip-hop music. 

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