15 Real Life Father-Son Jodis Of The Punjabi Industry

If we say that the bond of a father and a son is one of the purest and the most beautiful among all the relationships that exist, then you might agree with us. If we are not wrong, a father and his children share a unique unfiltered bond in every household that takes the family to a whole different level of love and affection. 

The Main Man, the father, is the support system for his kids throughout their life even if the children get married and move very further in life. He always is the one who makes out everything very perfectly what his family needs. 

Punjabi industry too has the similar kind of Father-Son bonds, the difference is just it is on and off-screen both and is visible to the entire world as they publically make themselves available for the audience to look at. 

Real Life Father-Son Jodis In The Punjabi Music And Film Industry

Jaswinder Bhalla – Pukhraj Bhalla 

The actor duo pair of the Pollywood industry, are the current popular father-son duo of the movie industry. Jaswinder Bhalla has continued to entertain the mass audiences with his amazing comical acts and now his son, Pukhraj Bhalla has also made his name among the viewers.

He garnered a lot of love from the popular web series, Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree. Both Jaswinder and Pukhraj have also shared screens in movies like Jinne Jamme Saare Nikamme and more. 

Hansraj Hans – Yuvraaj Hans, Navraj Hans 

The veteran Punjabi and Bollywood singer, Hans Raj Hans is a popular name among the Indian crowd. His sons, Navraj Hans and Yuvraaj Hans also made their name a big one in the Music industry later & are still managing to entertain us with their beautiful songs. The father-son trio even did a couple of songs together, like Mere Naina Vich Rehan De and Lekh.   

Satish Verma – Parmish Verma 

Like every other father and son this pair is also the same but with a twist. Parmish Verma’s father, Dr Satish Verma, is not just a real life teacher for his college students but he is the idol and mentor for Parmish itself. Dr Satish Verma is not only a teacher and a popular writer but he has also worked with Parmish in the 2013 released film, Punjab Bolda. In which both the father and the son had special appearances. 

Karamjit Anmol – Armaan Singh 

Who doesn’t know Karamjit Anmol and his comical legacy in the Punjabi entertainment world? Barely anyone. But you might have missed his new comer actor-son Armaan Singh. Armaan has made his debut in the Punjabi industry with the recently released film Jinne Jamme Saare Nikamme which also features Binnu Dhillon, Jaswinder Bhalla, Pukhraj Bhalla and more except just Armaan Singh. We might even see this father-son pair on-screen very soon as Karamjit’s son has now entered into the industry. 

Late Kulwinder Dhillon – Armaan Dhillon 

Kulwinder Dhillon is such a name in the Punjabi music industry that cannot be forgotten ever, even if he is not with us physically , delivering songs, anymore but he still exists in our hearts. His son, Armaan Dhillon, has stepped into the music industry to take forward the name of his father with the same amazing voice and vocals. Armaan is usually seen singing his father’s songs in live shows and has also made his debut with the song ‘Boo Bhabiye’ which became a hit. 

Late Varinder Bachan – B Praak 

Pratik Bachan who is fondly known as B Praak is the son of Late Varinder Bachan, who was a renowned veteran music producer and composer in the Punjabi music industry. However, they both have not worked together but individually they are very much celebrated by the Punjabi music listeners. 

Harbhajan Mann – Avkash Mann

The stylish son of the stylish father, Avkash Mann is as amazing as his father Harbhajan Mann. However, Avkash is ofcourse a newcomer and has only released a couple of songs like Aina Sohna and Tere Vaaste yet but he is seen making public appearances with his legendary father very often. Both Harbhajan Mann and Avkash Mann are very often seen talking about each other in the interviews. 

Gippy Grewal – Shinda Grewal 

Son as cool as his father! Yes we are talking about the coolest Shinda Grewal and his super cool father Gippy Grewal. Shinda is just a little loved lad of Gippy who has made enough of his name with just a movie or two. He is only around 10-year and people have already started seeing Gippy in him. Honsla Rakh is the perfect example of Shinda’s work and we might even say he will surely rule over the industry in the coming days like his father is doing now. 

Late Sardool Sikander – Alaap Sikander, Sarang Sikander 

Yet another musical father-son trio of the industry. Late Sardool Sikander needs no introduction, he has been and is still in public’s hearts even if he is not with us physically now. His duo sons Sarang Sikander and Alaap Sikander are also known names in the music industry for their songs like Yaar Gawaune, Khoya Khoya Chaand and more. 

Raj Babbar – Aarya Babbar 

‘Guru’ from Yaar Anmulle, we know he has already striked your mind. The very popular Raj Babbar’s son Aarya Babbar has made his name in Punjabi industry since her initial films. Raj Babbar has also acted in several Punjabi movies like Ek Jind Ek Jaan. Apart from this father-son duo Raj Babbar’s second son Pratiek Babbar is doing amazing in Bollywood projects. 

Gurdaas Maan – Gurickk G Maan 

Gurdaas Maan! Does this name need any introduction? Cmon of course not. Gurdaas Maan is very well known for his wonderful evergreen songs. His son, Gurickk Maan, however, is away from industry mainly but he has done some superhit work as a video director. ‘Heartless’ song by Badshah has been directed by Gurickk Maan which became a superhit at that time. Apart from this song he has done many other songs too. 

Late Kuldeep Manak – Yudhvir Manak

Legendary Punjabi folk singer Kuldeep Manak was popularly known as ‘Kaliyan Da Badshah’. He used to do magic in the songs he gave vocals to and his son Yudhvir Manak also got some of his skills too. Both of them released several songs together like Baapu Nu Jawaani, Bandey and more. 

Sarabjit Cheema – Gurvar Cheema 

‘Rang Rara Riri Rara’, this song was such a superhit that the son of its singer, Sarabjit Cheema, forced himself to make its remake with his father. Both Sarabjit and Gurvar Cheema made this successful remake of the old song together and it received a lot of appreciation from the admirers of Sarabjit Cheema. 

Charanjit Ahuja – Sachin Ahuja 

Punjabi music legend Charanjit Ahuja has given a lot of himself to the industry by being a successful music director and his son Sachin Ahuja has surely followed his footsteps by making an equal name as that of his father. Charanjit Ahuja has his name as a musician in the songs of Harbhajan Mann, movies like Mindo Taseeldaarni and more. Sachin Ahuja is popularly known for judging ‘Voice Of Punjab’ and some of his collaborative songs. 

Puran Chand Wadali – Lakhwinder Wadali 

The Wadali Brothers, Puran Chand Wadali and Pyarelal Wadali are very popular sufi singers who are famous for their live shows and their amazing voices. Lakhwinder Wadali, the son of Puran Chand Wadali has learned a lot from his father about classical music and other folk tunes. Both of them are very well known and appreciated artists of the Punjabi music world, known for their amazing style of songs. 

These were some of the famous pairs of father and son from the Punjabi industry. The artists have ruled the industry in their times and now their sons are continuing their legacy and making people fonder of them. 

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