Real Names Of 30 Popular Indian Rappers

Before Ranveer Singh’s Apna Time Aayega in his movie Gully Boy, rapping culture entered the industry. Some amazing rappers whose songs dominated the music charts have been introduced to us over time. 

These songs have received such widespread acclaim that they have appeared in numerous Bollywood films. Although you may have a favourite rapper, do you know their real name? Yes, you will be amazed at the names on these rappers’ Aadhar cards. 

Top 30 Indian Rappers and their Real Names 

1. Baba Sehgal 

Indian rapper Baba Sehgal’s real name is Harjeet Singh. He received widespread praise for being the first Indian rapper. 

He also works in various languages and media and is involved in various other facets of the entertainment industry. In 2006, he competed on the reality show Bigg Boss. 

2. Bohemia 

In 2002, Roger David, better known as Bohemia, released his first album and began to conquer our hearts. Now he does not need an introduction, as he is the most popular rapper in the industry. 

3. Yo Yo Honey Singh

Honey Singh, aka Hirdesh Singh, has contributed songs to some of Bollywood’s finest films and elevated rap music to new heights. He has earned the moniker “the revolutionary music changer of India.” He was said to have charged 7 million for Cocktail, the highest fee ever for a Bollywood song. 

4. Badshah

Badshah has written songs in Hindi, Punjabi, and Haryanvi, including DJ Wale Babu and Ladki Pagal Hai. However, Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia is his real name. In 2014, he released the song Abhi Toh party shuru hui hai, which made him a household name. 

5. Raftaar

Dilin Nair is Raftaar’s real name. He is the first choice music composer and comes from Kerala, and he has given us many hit tunes. Following his rap battle with Emiway Bantai, he rose to prominence. 

6. Hard Kaur

Hard Kaur, Taran Kaur Dhillon, carved out a place for herself in an industry dominated by men. She is well-known worldwide as a leading female rap singer and one of the best Punjabi rappers in the business. 

7. Emiway Bantai

Indian rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer Emiway Bantai, whose real name is Bilal Shaikh, has won numerous music awards for his work. 

He started as a low-key rapper, but over time, he became a major player in the Indian rap music scene. Some of his well-known tracks are Sadak (2017), Samajh Mein Aya Kya (2018), Machanyenge, and more. 

8. Divine

Divine, whose real name is Vivian Wilson Fernandes, is a rapper and entertainer from Mumbai who ranks first on this list due to his prominence in the rap music scene. 

He is by a wide margin the most famous rapper in India and has given various platinum collections beating the overall diagrams. 

His well-known albums include Punya Paap (2020) and Kohinoor (2019). He has likewise worked together with top-notch artists and delivered chart-bursting singles. 

9. Naezy

Naved Shaikh, better known by his stage name Naezy, is an Indian rapper from Mumbai, Maharashtra. His song “Mere Gully Mein,” which features fellow rapper DIVINE, was his first foray into mainstream rap. 

10. Sukh-E 

All Black and Jaguar, two songs by Sukhdeep Singh, better known by his stage name Sukh-E, quickly became popular. 

11. Jazzy B

Jazzy B, also known as Jaswinder Singh Bains, is a well-known Bhangra rapper. In addition, he is the first South Asian entertainer to have his name inscribed on the Vancouver-based BC Entertainment Hall of Fame Star-Walk. Tera Roop, Dil Aah Gey Ya Tere Te, Oh Kedi and Husna di Sarkar are among his most well-known songs. 

12. Brodha V

Indian rapper, producer, and lyricist Brodha V, whose real name is Vighnesh Shivanand, began rapping at a young age. The Orkut rap battle communities that helped him establish himself are the reason for his early success. 

One of India’s best rap artists is referred to as the rapper from Bangalore. On My Own (2012), Aathma Raama (2012), and Forever (2022) are among his most well-known songs. 

13. J-Star

J Star is a young Punjabi rapper and singer named Jagdeep Singh. He began his career as a DJ and put in a lot of effort to get to where he is now. His collaboration with Yo Yo Honey Singh resulted in the success of their song Gabru. Hulara, Na Na Na, Chammak Challo, and Dream Girl are among his songs. 

14. Mc stan

Altaf Shaikh, aka MC Stan, is a rapper, producer, and songwriter from Pune, Maharashtra, India. The song “Khuja Mat” made the p-town rapper famous (2019). He slammed Emiway into the track, which led to a heated argument between the two of them. 

Nevertheless, Emiway started the beef first. His album “Insaan,” which features collaborations with India’s finest rap artists, was recently released.  

15. KR$NA

Indian rapper Krishna Kaul, better known by his stage name KR$NA or the dollar sign, rose to prominence in the early days of Indian hip-hop music. He plays with words easily and is one of the most technical rappers. He is well-known for songs like “No Cap” (2020), “Say My Name” (2020), and “Lil Bunty” (2022). 

16. Ikka

Ankit Singh Patyal, aka Ikka, is a well-known Indian rapper, hip-hop artist, and lyrics writer. The rapper is one of the best rap artists in the country because of his early mainstream popularity. 

His songs are known for their great lyrics and mixed club music. Dirty Girl (2018), Paani Wala Dance (2015), and Dilbar Remake (2018) are among his best songs. 

17. Mc Altaf

Indian rapper and lyricist MC Altaf, whose real name is Altaf Shaikh, has dominated the Indian rap scene with his distinctive style and versatility. He became the gully gang’s frontier due to his mic skills. 

The rapper from Dharavi has made it big despite going through hard times with songs like Mirchi, Soch, Disco Rap, and others. 

18. Kaam Bhari

Indian rapper and lyricist Kaam Bhari, whose real name is Kunal Pandagale, gained a lot of popularity following the release of the film Gully Boy, directed by Zoya Akhtar. 

He is a genuine street voice who achieved success solely through music. White Collar, Khoob, Pataka, Mohabbat, and other tracks can be found in his discography. 

19. Calm 

Calm is a member of the Indian rap duo Seedhe Maut. His real name is Siddhanth Sharma. The rapper is most popular for his expressive capacity and abilities in the studio. Seedhe Maut Anthem, Nanchaku, and Nazarbhattu Freestyle are among his most well-known songs. 

20. Enkore ABJ

Enkore ABJ, genuine name Abhijay Negi is an individual from the Indian rap pair Seedhe Maut. Because of his abilities in the game, the rapper became insanely popular and began his career with great success. 

However, the far-reaching standard came after functioning as a pair with another member Calm assisted him with accomplishing the status he once longed for. Seedhe Maut Anthem, Nanchaku, and Nazarbhattu Freestyle are among his most well-known songs. 

21. Karma

Indian rapper, songwriter, and music producer Karma whose real name is Vivek Arora. He got off to a rough start in the game but persevered to the highest point of his career. 

Karmasutra (2019), Warm Up (2019), Rap Karte Hain (2018), We Wake Up (2018), Main Wahi Hoon (2018), and Take Diss (2018) are among his most well-known viral songs. 

22. King

King, also known as King Rocco, is an Indian rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer whose track Tu Aake Dekh Le became the year’s most popular viral hit. His real name is Arpan Kumar Chandel. 

He has unmatched lyrical ability and is one of the most talented in rap music. Some of his renowned tracks are Pablo, Sineer, IICONIC, Dejablo and more. 

23. Muhfaad

Indian rapper Muhfaad, whose real name is Gaurav Pal, also writes lyrics. Before an argument, the controversial rapper was seen with Raftaar and the group. 

Muhfaad rose to prominence in the Indian rap music industry because he has always been at the center of controversy. The songs Sare Karo Dab, Bakri, and Jashan Hai have made the rapper from Delhi famous. 

24. Raja Kumari

Indian rapper and singer-songwriter Raja Kumari, whose real name is Svetha Yallapragada Rao, lives in California. She got acquainted with the scene after her joint efforts with noticeable specialists began standing out. 

25. Raga 

Raga, aka Ravi Mishra, is an Indian rapper, lyricist, and maker. The rapper from Delhi started out rapping in English. Later, he switched to Hindi music and did some great work. Skills, Badal Gaye, and Triggered are among his most well-known songs. 

26. Shah RuLe 

Shah RuLe, real name Rahul Sahani is perhaps the most adaptable Indian rapper on the rundown. RuLe has done everything, from making music to mixing his records. Notorious Big, A Tribe Called Quest, and many other world-class rappers are his inspiration sources. 

Additionally, the rapper has performed alongside renowned rap artists like Divine and Raftaar. Samjhe Na, Don’t Forgive Me, and Nahi Hai Woh are among his most well-known songs. 

27. Sambata

Sambata, whose real name is Pratham Jogdand, is a rapper from Pune who is currently making waves in the Indian rap music scene. 

The 20-year-old prodigy is already attracting attention from the public and anticipates expanding in the coming years. Some of his renowned tracks are Pinnak, Palti Fire, and Kaarte Nibaar. 

28. Fotty Seven 

Ankit Gidwani, also known as Fotty Seven, is an Indian rapper, lyricist, and songwriter. He is currently one of the most popular rap artists in India. 

His writing style, which is similar to that of the underground rap music scene, has been helped by his influences. Sehwag, Baap Se, and Boht Tej are among his most well-known songs. 

29. GD47 

GD47, aka Gagandeep Singh, is an Indian rapper and performer from Punjab. He became famous after appearing on Season 2 of MTV Hustle. LALA was his first commercial release, and Virat Kohli started following him on Twitter, making him more famous. 

Additionally, Singh has appeared in a song titled Prem Pujari alongside Sushant Singh Rajput. 

30. Mr. Bali

Indian rapper, producer, and lyricist Sachin Bali is also known as Mr. Bali or Bali. After the release of his latest single, “Sunn Na,” the rapper from Delhi became well-known. 

The rapper has also worked with artists like Fotty Seven and Badshah, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg which has contributed to his current fame.

This was the list of 30 Indian rappers with their real names who have given multiple record breaking songs to the industry. For more content like this stay tuned with Kiddaan.

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