Real Names Of 86 Punjabi Celebrities And Singers (Updated 2023)

It is common for celebrities to take a made-up stage name to appear before the audience. The same is present in the Punjabi industry too, many of the artists have used stage names to present themselves before the world. Here is a list of the real names of some of those artists.

List Of Real Names Of Your Favourite Punjabi Artists!

1. Karan Aujla

The eternal rival of Sidhu Moosewala, Karan Aujla is not far behind the rival’s popularity. Both of the singers are at their peak at the moment. Karan Aujla’s real name is Jaskaran Singh Aujla.

2. Diljit Dosanjh

The most loved Punjabi star all over the country, Diljit has achieved heights no Punjabi has ever. It’s been more than 18 years now since the artist has been ruling over people’s hearts. The artist’s real name is Daljeet Dosanjh and he presents himself as Diljit before the world.

3. Yo Yo Honey Singh

The man that took Punjabi hip-hop to another level, Yo yo honey singh has recently come back to the industry and he’s ruling over the country again. The artist gained worldwide popularity through his “YO-YO” prefix. Many people think his real name is Honey Singh, but it is not so. The singer’s real name is Hirdesh Singh.

4. Jassie Gill

Everyone’s-favourite artist Jassie uses the name “Jassie Gill” as his stage name. But this is not the real name of the artist. Jasdeep Singh Gill is the real name of the singer.

5. Gippy Grewal

One of the biggest names in the Punjabi industry is not actually a real name. The real name of the artist is Rupinder Singh Grewal as revealed by the artist in an interview.

6. Sidhu Moosewala

If you don’t know this name, you don’t know anything about the Punjabi industry. If somebody is having a run in the industry it’s Sidhu Moosewala. Sidhu’s real name is Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu.

7. Hardy Sandhu

The Titlian-Varga star is a known face in the whole country. He has fetched himself enormous amounts of love through his melodious voice and realistic acting. The artist’s real name is Hardavinder Singh Sandhu.

8. Babbal Rai

babbal rai

The very talented Babbal Rai has given numerous hits to the music industry and he is also a well-reputed actor. His bromance with Jassie Gill is still a goal for many of the Punjabi guys and just like his best friend, the artist too uses a stage name. Simranjit Singh Rai is the real name of the artist.

9. Ninja

Ninja is also known to be one of the most talented and gifted Punjabi singers in the industry. The artist has ruled over the industry for many years straight. When his initial albums came out, the singer blew over the scene. The artist’s real name obviously is not Ninja. Ninja’s real name is Amit Bhalla.

10. Elly Mangat

Elly Mangat was named ‘Elly’ by his friends. Due to his relatively bigger body size, the artist was made fun of by the name Elly. The singer used the same to enter the industry and gain popularity. Elly’s real name is Harkirat Singh Mangat.

11. Miss Pooja

Miss Pooja

A proper Punjabi wedding is incomplete without Miss Pooja blowing up the speakers. Miss Pooja is one of the most famous female punjabi artists. Her real name is Gurinder Kaur Kainth.

12. Sukh E

The Musical doctor, Sukh-E, is another big name in the punjabi industry. The artist’s real name is Sukhdeep Singh. The artist didn’t have to think much about his stage name, he just used the first name with a bit of modification to add coolness to the name.

13. Neeru Bajwa

The very beautiful, Neeru Bajwa, is probably the most loved Punjabi actress. Her acting career has always been a successful run from the beginning. Many would mistake her real name to be Neeru, but the artist’s real name is Arshvir Bajwa.

14. Jimmy Shergill

Jimmy Shergil is known to be one of the most natural actors in the industry. The artist has also worked in many Bollywood movies, all thanks to his great acting skills. Jimmy’s real name is Jasjit Singh Shergill.

15. Badshah

The bad boy is the Badshah of the country’s rap scene now. Having started his career with Mafia Mundeer with other artists, all of which would go on to become the country’s bests. Badshah’s real name is Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia

16. Raftaar

Raftaar is also one of the most prolific rappers in the country right now. His name translates to speed, which completely suits his attributes. However the artist’s real name is Dilin Nair.

17. Dr. Zeus

Dr. Zeus has given the industry some of the most memorable songs. Having worked with numerous artists in his career, Dr. Zeus has gained huge respect from everyone. However the artist’s name, of course, is not the greek god of lightning. His real name is Baljeet Singh Padam.

18. Ammy Virk

You cannot hate Ammy Virk for any reason. The artist is a full performer. Melodious voice, a powerhouse of acting, perfect comedic timing, wears a turban and what not. The artist’s real name however, is not Ammy. His real name is just the extension of his stage name. Amrinderpal Singh is the real name of Ammy Virk.

19. Bally Sagoo

Bally Sagoo, the British-Indian record producer and DJ, produced the title track of the legendary Hera Pheri. He is an extremely talented producer and has given the industry some great hits. His real name is Baljeet Singh Sagoo.

20. Bohemia

Bohemia, the godfather of the Punjabi hip-hop, is a name known to every hip-hop lover of the country. He is known to have brought hip hop to the Punjabi industry. The artist’s real name is not known by many. His name is Roger David.

21. Babbu Maan

Babbu Maan has a fan following in the industry that few others can only imagine. Babbu Maan’s real name is Tejinder Singh but he has gained worldwide popularity through his stage name.

22. Jazzy B

One of the most renowned Punjabi singers, Jazzy B is also known as the Bhangra King of the industry. He has huge punjabi hits to his name. The artist’s real name is Jaswinder Singh Bains.

23. Alfaaz

The “Yaar-bathere” artist has one of the most unique voices in the industry and the audience loves it. Alfaaz’s real name is Amanjot Singh Pannu.

24. Mika Singh

Mika Singh has made his mark even in the bollywood industry. With his unique voice, the singer is a perfect choice for a party song. Mika singh’s real name is Amrik Singh.

25. Kaur B

Kaur B is also an extremely talented singer. Her strong voice differs her from any other female singer. Her real name is Baljinder kaur.

26. Binnu Dhillon

Binnu dhillon is the comedy giant of the punjabi cinema. Any movie is incomplete without Binnu’s hilarious dialogues. Binnu Dhillon’s real name is Birender Singh Dhillon.

27. Garry Sandhu

The hard working Garry Sandhu has gained himself an immovable space in the punjabi industry. The singer has also acted in many successful Punjabi movies. Garry’s real name is Gurmukh Singh Sandhu.

28. Roshan Prince

Roshan Prince’s voice has ruled over people’s hearts for many years. The singer’s real name is Rajiv Kaplish.

29. Jaani

Jaani is a master lyricist and he’s taken his art even to bollywood. Every new song features Jaani’s lyrics. Jaani’s real name is Jaani Johan.

30. Kaka

The latest artist in the industry is winning the game. Kaka’s unique compositions and amazing lyrics have made him the best newcomer. Kakka’s real name is Ravinder Singh.

31. Kamal Khaira

Kamal Khaira is the singer of the famous “Bhabi” song. The song is extremely famous among the youth of Punjab. Kamal’s real name is Kamaljeet Singh Khaira

32. Kanwar Grewal

The singer is few of those who have kept the sufi music alive in the industry. Kanwar grewal’s real name is Kanwarpal Singh Grewal.

33. Karan Randhawa

Instagram reels has made Karan Randhawa a top artist. His songs are very famous among influencers makinng reels. His real name is Karan Singh Randhawa.

34. Korala Maan

The artist hails from Mansa and has that Mansahi touch to his voice. The pamma jatt has gained popularity in a short time through his bold writing. The artist’s real name is Lovepreet Singh.

35. Sukh Kharoud

The lander lyricist is one of the most lively personalities you’ll ever meet. He along with his team of Landers are known for making lively punjabi songs. His real name is Sukhwinder Singh Kharoud.

36. Nawab

The Jatt is an expert of his art. Singer Nawab gained popularity through his song “Expert Jatt”. His real name is Mandeep Singh Nadha.

37. Prem Dhillon

The “Dhillon’aan da munda” is another artist expected to blow up the industry soon. He is regarded as one of the best newcomers in the industry. His real name is Premjit Singh Dhillon.

38. Satinder Sartaj

There are few singers in the world blessed with a voice and positivity as that of Satinder Sartaj’s. He doesn’t need any appraisal to prove his worth to the industry. He is a diamond that the punjabi industry is proud to have. His real name is Satinderpal Singh Sartaj.

39. Simar Doraha

Simar is a punjabi singer, lyricist and composer. He debuted with the song Sharabi but gained popularity through the song Pahla Wale. His real name is Mansimran Singh.

40. B Praak

The man is on another level right now. The artist’s instagram bio says it all “I sing songs that create history after”. B praak’s real name is Partik Bachan.

41. Gur Sidhu

Gur Sidhu is too among the new artists that are running the industry right now. He has had several hits to his name like “Vaddi Galbaat”, “Asle” and “Gang life”. His real name is Gursimran Singh Sidhu.

42. Guri

The “Yaraan Beliyaan da beli” Guri is also a prolific singer who has now also stepped in the acting field with the movie Sikander 2. Guri’s real name is Guri Khattra.

43. Singga

The bad boy of the industry Singga is famous for his aggressive lyrics. In addition to the long series of hits he’s given to the industry,  the “Singga bolda veere” slang is also his contribution. Singga’s real name is Manpreet Singh.

44. Jass Manak

The name “Manak” has talent in itself. The Prada boy didn’t take long to settle in the industry and presently is one of the biggest names. The chocolate boy also has a huge female fan following among. Jass Manak’s real name is Jaspreet Singh Manak.

45. Byg Byrd

One of the most talented music producers at present, Byg Byrd gained fame during his time with the Brown Boys and Sidhu Moosewala. Though the team is no more together, that does not take Byrd’s talent away. His real name Maninder Kalyan.

46. Deep Jandu

Few music producers have worked with more artists than deep jandu has. Having worked with the biggest stars of the industry, Deep Jandu is now one of the best producers in the game. Deep jandu’s real name is Deepjot Singh Jandu.

47. R-Nait

Another superstar gifted to the industry by the Mansa district of Punjab, R-nait is another bold voice of the industry. R-nait’s real name is Nait Ram.

48. Amar Sehmbi

The very talented Amar Sehmbi has given several hits to the industry such as “Debate” and “Khandani bande”. Amar Sehmbi’s real name is Amarjit Singh.

49. Mista Baaz

If you are a fan of Punjabi music, you’ll have surely heard the Mista Baaz hookup line at least once in your life and you know how catchy it is. Mista Baaz is a Punjabi music director and his real name is Yadwinder Singh Bajwa.

50. Khan Bhaini

Have you ever heard a flop song from this artist? Since the day this boy has made his debut, he’s always stepped up and raised his own standards. The real name of Khan Bhaini is Bishwas Khan Bhaini.

51. J star

There was a time in the industry, J star would drop a song and it would already be hit. Such was the aura of this artist. “Gabru”, “Na na na na” and “Hulara” are some of the artist’s all time bests. J star’s real name is Jagdeep Singh.

52. Geeta Zaildar

Geeta Zaildar’s old hits still continue to blow up car speakers, parties and weddings. The singer has given memorable hits to the industry such as “Heartbeat” and “Chitte Suit te”. Geeta Zaildar’s real name is Geeta Pakkian.

53. Preet Harpal

Preet Harpal is also the owner of the most unique voices in the industry. He has also sung great songs like the very famous “Black suit”. Preet Harpal’s real name is Harpal Singh.

54. Ranjit Bawa

The “Mitti Da Bawa” is also one of the most famous punjabi celebrities. The singer’s real name is not different from his stage name. His name is Ranjit Singh Bajwa.

55. Akay

The “Iphone warga munda” has made a mark in the industry through his strong voice. Akay mainly uses his initials as his stage name (A.K.). His real name is Amrinder Singh Khokhar.

56. Sharry Mann

There isn’t a more versatile singer in the punjabi industry than Sharry Mann. His “Aate di chidi” is still one of the best albums to have ever come out. Sharry Mann’s real name is Surinder Singh Mann.

57. Gagan Kokri

Gagan Kokri has also gained popularity in a short span of time. Gagan kokri’s real name is Gagan Sandhu.

58. Guru Randhawa

Guru Randhawa is another punjabi name that has taken his art to world level. He also has the record of highest audience in a live show (India) to his name. He has also worked with Mr. Worldwide, Pitbull. His real name is Gursharanjot Singh Randhawa.

59. Akhil

Akhil’s melodious voice has made the audience a fan of him. From the song “khaab” Akhil has reserved a loyal fan base to his name. Akhil’s real name is Akhil Pasreja.

60. Jaz Dhami

You remember the times parties were all about “High heels” song blasting the speakers? The legendary song was produced by one of the most famous producers of the industry, Jaz dhammi. His real name is Jaswinder Singh Dhammi.

61. Ikka Singh

Ikka singh has also come out of the Mafia Mundeer, the band that gave the country artists like Badshah, Honey Singh and Raftaar. Ikka has given his voice and lyrics in many bollywood songs. Ikka’s real name is Ankit Singh Patyal.

62. Jordan Sandhu

If you don’t know the real name of Jordan, “Fer thonu jatt vaare puri jaankaari ni”. No troubles, team kiddaan is here to help you out. The artist’s real name is Jasminder Singh Sandhu.

63. Maninder Buttar

The very loved Maninder Buttar has given huge hits to the industry like “Sakhiyaan” and “Viah”. Maninder’s real name is Maninderjeet Singh.

64. Nishawn Bhullar

Nishawn Bhullar is another great talent gifted to the world by the Punjabi music industry. His real name is Balraj Singh Bhullar.

65. Zora Randhawa

The “Inch”, “Peshi” and “22 da” artist too ruled over punjabi people’s hearts for some time. His real name is Zorawar Singh Randhawa.

66. The Kidd

The Kidd is currently the major music producer for Sidhu Moosewala. He has given music in hits like “Tibbeyaan da putt”. The kidd’s real name is Gagandeep Singh.

67. Yeah Proof

You would have heard the “Yeah Proof” in many of Karan Aujla and other great artists’ songs of the Punjabi industry. The unimaginably talented Proof has made a name in the music production world. His real name is Baljinder Singh.

68. Snappy

Snappy gave the music of the famous “Jatt da muqabla” by Sidhu Moosewala. His real name is Prateek Kumar.

69. Rishi Rich

Yes, you read it right, Rishi rich not Richie Rich. The reason behind the difference between both the names is the London-based music producer’s real name, Rishpal Singh Sekhi.

70. Manj Musik

Manj musik is a british-india based music producer. The artist has worked with rapper Raftaar in many of his tracks. His real name is Manjeet Singh Rai.

71. Manni Sandhu

Manni Sandhu is a well-known director in the industry and has worked with greats like the Kaka Bhaniwala, Lember Hussainpuri. His real name is Amrinder Singh Sandhu.

72. Jay Sean

The famous “Surma-Surma” artist is an English singer and songwriter. The artist’s real name is Kamaljit Singh Jhooti.

73. Desi Crew

“Desi crew-Desi crew” if you can hear the words in your head, you listen to a lot of punjabi music. The desi crew duo has given music to almost every artist in the industry. The real names of the duo Goldy and Satti are Goldy Kahlon and Satpal Malhi respectively.

74. Preet Hundal

Preet Hunda has worked with Akay in various songs including the famous “Iphone warga”. Preet Hundal’s real name is Gaganpreet Singh Hundal.

75. JSL Singh

The real name of the “Main Fan Bhagat Singh Da” alongside Diljit Dosanjh, is just an extension of his stage name. His real name is Jaspal Singh.

76. Gupz Sehra

Gupz Sehra is mostly known for producing singles like “Gallan Mithiyaan” and “Label Black”. The artist’s real name is Gurpreet Singh Sehra.

77. AP Dhillon

The duo AP dhillon and Gurinder Gill are ruling the industry to its truest sense right now. They cannot at this moment give a flop song to the industry. AP dhillon’s real name is Amritpal Singh Dhillon.

78. Sonam Bajwa

The heartbeat of the punjabi boys, Sonam Bajwa has gained a high stage in the industry today. Her acting skills have taken her career to another level. Her real name is Sonampreet Bajwa.

79. Mandy Takhar

The very beautiful Mandy Takhar is too known for her marvellous acting skills. Her real name is Mandeep Kaur Takhar.

80. Simi Chahal

The cutiepie of the punjabi industry, Simi Chahal is also one of the most loved artists in the industry. Her real name is Simarpreet Kaur Chahal.

81. Nimrat Khaira

Nimrat khaira makes at least 10 boys faint whenever she appears on the screen. The very beautiful and sweet Nimrat’s real name is Nimratpal Kaur Khaira.

82. San B

San B has given music to several hit punjabi songs including Prem Dhillon’s Majha Block. The artist’s real name is Sanbir Singh.

83. J Statik

J statik is another famous punjabi music producer who has given music in songs like Karan Aujla’s So far. The artist’s real name is Jagjeet Brar.

84. Money Musik

Money Musik has produced music for AP dhillon in many of his tracks. The real name of the artist is Mohkam Singh Bhangal.

85. Intense

Intense music is also the modern industry’s one of the most talented producers. The artist has given music in tracks like AP dhillon’s toxic. His real name is Aniel Kainth.

86. Nav

Nav is a Canadian rapper, producer and songwriter. The artist debuted his career as a music producer eventually co-producing Candian rapper Drake’s single “Back to Back” in 2015. Nav’s real name is Navraj Singh Goraya.

How many of the names did you already know? We hope team Kiddaan helped you in knowing the real name of your favorite artist and expanded your knowledge.

Article Contributors: Rahul Gill, Jass Music, Navjot Singh

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