Reason Why KS Makhan Is Arrested By Canadian Police! Truth Behind Viral Video

KS Makhan is currently making headlines owing to a video being widely circulated all over the internet. The viral video shows Canadian Police handcuffing KS Makhan and probably taking him under arrest. The audience has been curious to know the reason behind KS Makhan’s alleged arrest.

The reason was finally revealed by a close friend of KS Makhan, in a conversation with ‘Rozana Spokesman’. The man, Prinkal, revealed that there was a firing incident somewhere in Surrey. 6 young boys approached KS Makhan to meet him, the singer was with 4 others during this meeting. So, the 10 people were standing talking to each other and at the same time, Surrey Police rushed to the spot.

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As there already had been a firing incident reported in Surrey, the Police immediately took the 10 people in arrest, including KS Makhan, revealed Prinkal. The Police did a security check of the 10 and recovered an illegal weapon, probably from one of the boys who came to meet KS Makhan. The Police alleged that all 10 will be taken under arrest. KS Makhan told the Police that he wasn’t involved. But he was still arrested by the Police.

All this was revealed by Prinkal, a close friend of KS Makhan, on record. He also added that KS Makhan would be out on bail in about half an hour. Further progressions about the case are yet unknown. There had been a lot of rumours surrounding the viral video and some people had even been stating that it is just a video from the shoot of a song. But all the rumours have now been busted.

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