5 Reasons Why Royal Enfield’s Bullet Is So Popular In Punjab

Royal Enfield Bullet is probably one of the most hyped motorcycles in India. But the craze for this bike in Punjab is on a whole different level. You will get to see at least one Bullet bike in almost every third house in Punjab. But why do Punjabis love this bike so much? Here we have penned 5 reasons for Royal Enfield being so popular in Punjab. Let’s find out why Royal Enfield Bullet is the apple of Punjabi’s eye.

5 Reasons Why Bullet Is So Popular In Punjab

Elegant Look

The first and most prominent reason behind why Punjabis are madly in love with RE Bullet is its look. Like come on! Who will not fall in love with the classy and sleek design of this bike.

Simple But Powerful Engine

For over 120 years, Bullet motorcycles have been offered with a powerful engine which attracts the bike lovers due to its simple structure. The thump sound it produces is nothing less than an Adele’s melody for Punjabis. Moreover, Royal Enfield Bullet’s engine can be easily repaired, isn’t it a solid reason to fall in love with this classy bike?

Sense Of Pride

Punjab is all about pride, and to maintain their pride, Punjabis can do anything. Owning a Royal Enfield Bullet gives a sense of pride, and as we have already mentioned that Punjabis can do anything to maintain their pride. Now you might be wondering, it’s just a bike, what’s pride in owning it? It is one of the oldest bikes of the world, it sports a powerful engine and a classy design, so anyone would feel proud to own it.

Symbol Of Machoism

Royal Enfield Bullet is a strong and heavy bike and its open wide and classy design makes it a royal bike just like its name. The one who rides this bike definitely gets vibes of machoism. And where there’s talk of machoism, Punjabis always tops the list, so it’s an obvious reason why Punjabis spend their money on RE Bullet.

A Classy Head Turner

Just like its name, Royal Enfield is a symbol of royalty. Mens, kids or women, everyone turns their heads to have a look at this bike when running on the road with a heavy and thumping sound. All thanks to its classy design, Bullet always proves its tagline “jab bullet chale to duniya rasta de” right. And this is a big enough reason why Punjabis don’t hesitate to buy it.

These were five best reasons why Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles are so popular in Punjab. To read such more stories stay connected with Kiddaan.com.

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