Reel Vs Real: Who Is Umesh Reddy, The Killer & Rapist Of 18 Women In Netflix’s Beast Of Bangalore

The fourth season of Indian Predator is coming to Netflix following the back-to-back success of crime documentaries. 

On December 16, 2022, Indian Predator: Beast of Bangalore will be on Netflix. Indian Predator has produced crime documentaries under the titles “Murder in a Courtroom,” “The Dairy of a Serial Killer,” and “The Butcher of Delhi” before the release of the Beast of Bangalore. In each of the seasons of Indian Predator, various serial killers or criminals who terrorized people for various periods are discussed. 

The women of South India, particularly those in Bangalore, Maharashtra, and Gujarat, were terrorized by yet another spine-chilling story in Beast of Bangalore. The man Umesh Reddy, currently serving a death sentence for raping and killing nearly 18 women, is the focus of the documentary series Beast of Bangalore.

Umesh Reddy: Who is he?

India’s Umesh Reddy is a serial rapist and killer. He admitted to killing 18 women but was found guilty in nine cases. 

The police believe he raped 20 ladies in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat territories. As a result of the victims’ fear of social stigma, they also suspect that several of his crimes have not been reported. In 2009, the Karnataka High Court handed down Reddy’s death sentence, which the Indian Supreme Court upheld in 2011. 

In 2022, the Supreme Court reduced Reddy’s death sentence to 30 years after he submitted a mercy petition.

At a Republic Day police parade, one of his early victims, who managed to escape, identified Reddy. In Chitradurga, Umesh Reddy served as a District Armed Reserve Police Officer. 

Over six years, the notorious criminal committed numerous rapes and murders while also committing numerous escapes from police custody. Eminently, Umesh had a bizarre obsession with ladies’ underwear, which he would steal from the victims and different ladies if he saw them hanging it up to dry. 

In fact, he was in women’s underwear each time the police apprehended him.

To be more specific, Umesh attempted to rape a high school student in Chitradurga in November 1996. By hitting him with a stone, she escaped. 

In the same town, he raped and killed a 16-year-old a month later. At a Republic Day police parade in January 1997, the girl he tried to rape identified him, and he was arrested and fired.

Now, there is a real possibility that this “Indian Predator” would be free once more among the public if Reddy is able to survive the remaining three decades in prison.

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