Reena Rai Blames Deep Sidhu’s Step Brother For Blocking Her From Late Actor’s IG Account

Late actor Deep Sidhu’s girlfriend Reena Rai is constantly in the news headlines after the passing of the actor. Now, Reena has again come to the spotlight after highlighting the acts of Deep Sidhu’s step brother Mandeep. 

Reena shared an Instagram story where she posted a screenshot of Deep Sidhu’s account. In the screenshot it can be seen that Reena has been blocked by Deep’s account and the same has become the concern of Reena. With the screenshot, Reena also shared a long note accusing and blaming Mandeep for blocking her from Deep’s account and many more.

She initiated the note by writing that she is tired of Mandeep’s behavior. She claims that he has taken access to Deep’s Instagram account and has blocked her and her family from it but also deleted Deep’s posts with her. She said that by doing all this, he is trying to hide the truth. 

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Also, the actress made a big revelation that after the demise of Deep, Mandeep had come to her & Deep’s Mumbai apartment and took away all the stuff (specifically not mentioned). She ended the note by writing that Deep lives in her heart, God is watching the actions of Mandeep and karma will come back.

For now, Mandeep has not reacted to Reena’s story and any comments from the second side of the story aren’t out. Talking of Deep Sidhu, the actor died in a car accident on 15 February 2022.

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