Reloaded Version Of The Legendary Punjabi Classic ‘Rara Riri Rara’ Announced

Released almost 9 years ago, Sarbjit Cheema’s Rang Rara Riri Rara still lives in our minds rent free. The song is without a doubt a pure Punjabi classic. The music was given by Sukhpal Sukh and Sarbjit Cheema had himself written the lyrics of the memorable track. It was released as a part of Sarbjit’s album ‘Rang Rara Riri Rara’.

The song is all set to get a modern makeover. The reloaded version of the song, with modernisation to the vocals, lyrics, video and the music has been announced. ‘Rara Riri Rara Reloaded’ will be sung by Gurvar Cheema, son of Sarbjit Cheema who sung the original track, and it will also feature Sarbjit Cheema himself.

Mahira Sharma will be seen as the female lead in the song. The music has been produced by Ullumanati, who has also written the lyrics and composed them along with Sarbjit Cheema. The music video has been done by Tru Makers. It will be the first time the father-son duo will be collaborating for a track and what better opportunity than ‘Rara Riri Rara’.

Gurvar Cheema also uploaded the song announcement post on his official Instagram account and wrote an emotional message. He shared his feelings during the times when the original Rang Rara Riri Rara was released in 2003. 

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He revealed how he saw the whole process of the song in making when he was just a kid at a primary school. The song remained at the peak of ETC Punjabi Top Songs list for many months and became an international hit. Now the song is going to be re-made and Sarbjit Cheema himself, along with his son Gurvar, are soon going to present it to the world.

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