Remember The ‘5 Million Comments’ Post Of Sidhu Moosewala? Here Is The Main Reason Behind It!

Is it really to be doubted that Sidhu Moosewala is the trendsetter of Punjabi industry? Not at all. The amount of love and support this artist gets is unmatchable and beyond the shadow of an uncertainty. Do you remember Sidhu Moosewala gave a task to his supporters to flood the comment section of a post with 5 Million comments and then they would get to see the then-released Moosetape’s teaser. Well, here is that post!

The promise was fulfilled by Sidhu after a day as his beloved fans did what was expected from them. But a lot of talks related to this were rounding as to what was the reason behind doing it, was it to set a record before the industry or was there someone who gave him the idea to do something like this? To this Sidhu has a very quirky answer. 

Sidhu Moosewala revealed that he had nothing special to release at that time and it was just that moosetape’s announcement was already made. So he decided to do something different to boost up his fans & supporters and for this reason he made them do it. 

Although according to him he knew it wasn’t that easy of a task, it was a huge challenge, but he knew his fans and he knew they would do it. He also said that this idea just popped up and there was nothing special as a reason and he did not do it to set a record for anyone or anything like that. It was just to boost up his fans. 

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Later, this happened in a flash and the artist dropped the teaser of Moosetape after a day. It is not questionable how well his 2021-tape was celebrated by the listeners. The records and related gossip went way more beyond that was expected and the artist made this album the huge one. And  he gives all the credits to this to his fans and the ones who love him. 

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