Renowned Indian Climber Baljeet Kaur Found Alive After She Went Missing On Mt Annapurna In Nepal

Baljeet Kaur, a record-holding Indian mountaineer who went missing from Mt. Annapurna, was found Alive. According to the Chairman of Pioneer Adventure Pasang Sherpa, Baljeet Kaur, who scaled the world’s tenth-highest peak yesterday without using supplemental oxygen, has been located above Camp IV by an aerial search team.

He stated, “We are getting ready to conduct a long-line rescue to airlift her from above the high camp.” Sherpa says the aerial search team has seen Baljeet descend alone toward Camp IV. The record-holding Indian lady climber was left alone beneath the summit point and was out of radio contact until today.

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After she successfully transmitted a radio signal requesting “immediate help,” an aerial search mission was launched this morning. Sherpa claims that her GPS location has placed her at an altitude of 7,375 meters (24,193 feet). Around 5:15 p.m. yesterday, she and two Sherpa guides scaled Mt. Annapurna, and to locate Baljeet, at least three helicopters were dispatched, according to The Himalayan Times.

The Himalayan mountaineer had a long list of accomplishments, including becoming the youngest woman to summit Mount Manaslu without oxygen, becoming the first Indian woman to summit the true mountain, and breaking the record for the first Indian woman to summit Mount Manaslu without oxygen.

She was also the fastest Indian to climb six 8,000-meter peaks (5 months and 2 days), making her the first Indian to do so. She is also well known for being the first Indian mountaineer to conquer four peaks above 8,000 meters in a month.

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Another Indian climber, 34-year-old Anurag Maloo of Kishangargh in Rajasthan, India, went missing on Monday after falling from 6,000 meters while descending from Camp III on the same mountain. Meanwhile, base camp officials said their is little chance of locating him.

Moreover, the efforts to recover the body of Northern Irish climber Noel Hanna, who died at Camp IV after returning from the summit point last night, are continuing. 

Standing 8,091 meters above sea level, Annapurna is the world’s tenth-highest mountain.

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