Report: More Than 90,000 Dead People Getting Social Security Pension In Punjab

In Punjab, shockingly, the social security pensions are being granted to as many as 90,248 “deceased” people. As per the information, this was discovered during a survey by the Punjab government to find fraudulent and ineligible beneficiaries.  According to Cabinet Minister Baljit Kaur, identifying these people would enable the state to save a huge revenue of ₹13.53 crore per month!

Furthermore, minister Baljit Kaur added that a survey of a total of 30.46 lakh beneficiaries had been conducted in the state. Moreover, with the identification of 90,248 “dead” beneficiaries, the financial loss to the government would now be stopped, she said, adding that the amount saved would be spent to help other needy people.

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However, the cabinet minister asserted the electronic benefit transfer scheme would be implemented to pay pension to the beneficiaries now. Notably, the pension will be disbursed through business correspondents deployed by banks. To implement the scheme, the first two pilot projects would be started soon in Sangrur and Muktsar districts, she said.

She continued, “The beneficiaries will get their pensions through the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) scheme. Two pilot projects will shortly be launched in the districts of Sangrur and Muktsar to carry out the plan.

Notably, these pensions are provided by the social security agency to the aged, widows, dependent adults, and disabled people. The government of Punjab is giving the beneficiaries a monthly pension of ₹1,500 as financial help. As per the information, these programmes currently provide pensions to 30.25 lakh recipients throughout the state.

Moreover, with the identification of more than 90,000 deceased beneficiaries, as soon as an action is taken, the Punjab government would be able to save a huge amount of state’s revenue. Subsequently, this will economically benefit the state, leading to save a massive amount of revenue.

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