REVIEW: Karan Aujla’s Confidence Peaks ‘On Top’ With The Latest Banger, Expectations Fulfilled

‘Rehnda Jatt Top Te, Phone Ni Fad’da Tower Jaane’, Is this the reason why we finally got to listen to Karan Aujla’s track after ages? Well, apart from the pun let us tell you that Geet’an Di Machine is here with his latest track. Not just a single one but 2 songs in a line. 

Karan Aujla has released his much awaited song ‘On Top’ officially on his Youtube channel, Karan Aujla Music. 

Teasing us with a snippet of the song and now finally releasing it, Aujla fans are in full swing after hearing ‘On Top’ & unquestionably they are supposed to be. Karan Aujla’s lyricism is something to not doubt at any time and this time too he has done a stupendous job in penning down the song. A wave of confidence is what we can see in the wordings, making it an amazing one to hear. 

Aujla’s composition has been beautifully matched with the music given by Yeah Proof and we have loved the beats. There is nothing new that Karan Aujla and Yeah Proof’s combo is a deadly one. The music video is entirely filled up with sync shots but it has nowhere made us feel that the video is lacking something. 

Qarn Mallhi as the director has done justice to the song, displaying great visuals in the music video. Not boasting of in vain but Aujla has lived upto the expectations of the fans with ‘On Top’ as they got to hear any song after a good span of time now. 

‘Ohde Utte Dekh, Utte Kon? Utte Mai!’ makes an addictive hook line, have you already updated your playlist with this song ‘On Top’ by now? 

Listen to the full song here: 

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