RIP Rambo: Garry Sandhu Mourns The Death Of The Pet Dog

One of the loving and admirable artists, Garry Sandhu’s love for dogs is not hidden.  Recently the singer shared sad news with his social media family. His dog Rambo has died. The singer took up his Instagram on Saturday to convey the loss and to express his grief.

As soon as the singer announced, his devoted fans flooded the comment box with their condolences. Garry enjoys a huge fan following, that’s why it had come out as major awful news for Sandhu’s fans.

Singer posted a lovable video of his four-legged friend along with the caption, “RIP MY RAMBO”.

In the video, he was playing and cuddling with his dog and mocking him as an old dog. Watch the video here:

He shared another beautiful video and wrote, “Jana ta sab ne aaa jihda janda ohnu pta Es dukh da .. ah video vich mera bahot kuj si jehda mainu kadey dubara nai milna.. meri sab nu ehi slaah te benti aa family dubara nai mildi jinna vi time te pyaar apnya nu de sakdey jarror devo..”

He even posted a story with his furry friend, Rambo, where he was holding the dog as his child.

On the professional front a few days ago the singer shared the dreadful news that he will not be able to sing due to the impact of coronavirus in his throat. Though in the latest Snapchat story he shared that he had started recovering. The Singer has already gone through a lot and we wish Garry Sandhu overcomes this grief of losing his pet and bounces back like he always does.

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