Rohit Shetty Makes His Valuable Contribution To Fight Against COVID-19, Manjinder Singh Sirsa Expresses His Gratitude

In these hard times, when life feels like a privilege, it is a boon to be able to make your contribution to world health. Bollywood director Rohit Shetty is one such figure, who has put his money to a good cause. Donating a significant amount to Manjinder Singh Sirsa’s COVID care, he made his valuable contribution.

Manjinder Singh Sirsa thanked the director for his humanitarian efforts. Ms Sirsa called Rohit Shetty an extremely compassionate and sensitive man off-screen, contrasting to his generally seen Khatron Ke Khiladi personality on-screen.

These are bad times, and any contribution made towards COVID relief is huge. The country is fighting an oxygen-cylinder crisis. People are losing fights against coronavirus everyday and the whole world is being affected, economically, socially, physically and politically. Rohit Shetty’s contribution just shows what a gem of a human being he is!

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