Rowhi Rai’s ‘Papa Ka Shradh Vlog’ Goes Viral, Trolled By Netizens

In today’s world of social media, the internet sensations or influencers become popular with their unique content! However, there are times when they have to face harsh criticism or trolling too, be it on the content related to religion, tradition or some other sensitive issue. Something similar happened here with social media influencer Rowhi Rai, who was even seen on MTV’s Love School. 

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The 21-year-old social media influencer posts content based on fashion and lifestyle! However, her recent video titled, “What I Eat In A Day During Dad’s Shradh”, went viral across the media, after which she has been getting brutally trolled and criticised on the social media. It’s something completely weird and insensitive as a Shradh is a ritual for those who are no more with us!

Surprisingly, Rowhi Rai uploaded a video on what she eats in a day on her father’s shradh, that too in a fun way, including a cafe visit and showing her meals. As soon as her video went viral, people harshly criticised her! Some said she shouldn’t make fun of such a sensitive issue, while others also opposed what Rowhi posted. Additionally, her video even gave new material to meme & funny content creators. 

Watch the full video here:

Moreover, Rowhi had to face harsh criticism from across the country for what she did! As Shradh is a Hindu Ritual for those who are no more amongst us, it was totally a bad idea to make a fun content on such a sensitive issue. The clip has totally traumatized the internet! Here are some more reactions on Rowhi’s video:
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