What’s The Name of Dan Bilzerian’s Rumored Wife? Know Everything About Her

The ultimate playboy of the world – Dan Bilzerian, who inspired many young boys to live a bachelor life like him, is rumoured to be married. We are not claiming this, but a photo of him featuring a woman in his side that went viral on the internet is suggesting that the king of debauchery is now married. How much truth is there in this and if it is true then who is Dan Bilzerian’s wife? Read further to know.

So the rumors of Dan Bilzerian getting married started to pop out when on July 22nd, 2022, the man himself posted a cryptic picture of himself walking down a wedding aisle with a woman in a bridal dress. The woman in the viral picture was said to be Hailey Grice. Dan captioned the picture ‘I finally did it’. Which sent his fans into a frenzy and this news spread around like a wildfire.

This news was making headlines and everyone was wondering how the hell it happened? Many also believed that Dan was just pulling off a prank and eventually it was a prank. Dan after three days of posting the viral picture, posted an Instagram reel doing his regular fun chores with the girls in bikinis. This time he captioned the reel, “Marriage is a trap, stay single, smoke @Ignite”. Which clearly means he is not married yet.

Well now the question arises, who is Hailey Grice, the woman that was mistaken as the wife of Dan Bilzerian? So let us tell you that Hailey Grice is an American model, who is popular for her astonishing and sizzling pictures and videos that she posts on her Instagram handle ‘Haileygrice’. The 24-year old model enjoys a wide fan following. She has over 979k followers on Instagram and over 140k fans on TikTok.


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Haily’s social media handles are full of her photos and videos wearing sizzling swimsuits and bikinis that can make anyone crazy and she’s not married!!

So, we can conclude that “Dan Bilzerian’s rumored wife’s name is Hailey Grice.

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