Russia – Ukraine War: Russian Missile Kills 2 People In Poland, US Holds Emergency Meeting!

Amidst the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, for the first time, Russia attacked a NATO country. Reportedly, a Russian missile which landed in Poland, killed two people. Moreover, since the attack, Poland is on high alert and the people are scared. Notably, the foreign minister of Poland summoned the Russian ambassador, demanding an immediate detailed explanation in the matter. 

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Moreover, the Russian missile attack on Poland seems to worsen the situation. The UK PM Rishi Sunak in a tweet, said, “I have just spoken to the Polish President following reports of a missile strike in Poland. I reiterated the United Kingdom’s solidarity with Poland and expressed condolences for the victims. We will remain in close contact and continue to coordinate with our NATO allies.”

With this, on Wednesday morning, US Vice President Joe Biden called an “emergency” meeting of the Group of Seven and NATO leaders in Indonesia for consultations after NATO ally Poland claimed a “Russian-made” missile killed two people in the country’s eastern region close to the Ukrainian border, followed by an a high alert in the country. However, as claimed by Poland, there’s no solid proof on who fired the missile. 

Furthermore, an investigation has been initiated and the Polish army is kept on an immediate high alert after the attack, especially monitoring the airspace. Notably, Polish prime minister Morawiecki urged people to be calm, adding that the people of Poland need not to fall under any fake news propoganda. Surprisingly, calling the reports of missile attack a “deliberate provocation”, Russia strongly denied any missile attack on Poland.

Moreover, the meeting on Wednesday (today), between Nato and world leaders, is scheduled in the wake of a Russian-made missile that killed two people in Poland and raised fears that the conflict in Ukraine would spread beyond its boundaries. According to two European diplomats, Poland sought the NATO conference in accordance with Article 4 of the treaty, which permits the gathering of all NATO allies when any member’s “territorial integrity, political independence, or security” is under danger.

According to a Reuters article, a Nato official stated that the alliance was closely working with Poland. Furthermore, it will be interesting to see what happens in the emergency meeting called by the NATO allies.

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