Man Confuses English Word “Sale” With Hindi Cuss Word; Conversation Gets Viral On Internet

English is a very simple language but we all have made this innocent mistake of misinterpreting the words with other languages. All of us have been there when we unintentionally misinterpreted the meaning of certain words and confused it with the other vernacular language. 

Now imagine you get confused while having a chat with your manager and he ends up getting offended! 

A screenshot is getting viral on Reddit in which the user was having a conversation with his account manager who misunderstood the word ‘sale’ with a Hindi abuse. 

The user messaged him “Sale invoice chahiye ya purchase invoice”. The account manager confused the world ” Sale” with a Hindi cuss word and wrote “Sir gaali mat diya karo.”

However when he clarified about what he was trying to say the account manager apologized immediately. It’s so hilarious that only him but a lot of Reddit users got confused with the word and misinterpreted it with the abusive word. 

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