Sachin Tries To Kiss Seema Haider On LIVE TV, Watch Netizens Reaction To The LIVE Video

Viral sensation Sachin Meena and her wife Seema Haider are continuously making headlines for their Distinct Love Story. And the Uttar Pradesh Anti Terror Squad (ATS) has also been working for many days to make sure that Seema isn’t a “Pakistani Spy”.

Seema Haider, the Pakistani women fell in love with Sachin Meena of Greater Noida in 2020, during the Coronavirus pandemic, while playing PUBG (an online shooting game), after that they both got married after some time and then Seema came India with her children illegally and since then have been living together in rented apartment  in village Rabupura in Greater Noida, 55 km away from New Delhi.

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The couple has given numerous interviews in the media but now, one more video of Sachin and Seema from a LIVE show has been widely circulating on the internet. 

In the live show, the two were seen getting quite intimate. It is seen in the video that Sachin even tried to kiss Seema, to which the news anchor interrupted the couple and reminded them that they are on camera and the show is being broadcast live on national TV.

The anchor exclaimed “Arre, camera chalu hai Sachin Ji, Camera chalu hai” ,  (The camera is on Sachin, the camera is on)

After this the video of the two went viral within hours and Netizens started responding to the video. One user wrote” It’s  all TRP stunt, no matter how much dirty work has to be done”

Others Reactions were: ” If The media of a country has been sold then this type of thing starts happening. Then the donkey becomes the lion”. “This is not a media channel, it’s a comedy channel”. “Only this type of things are left to be seen, they don’t have any better news in life”.

Talking About Seema Haider, in India she has been gaining much popularity since her news went viral. She revealed recently that she even got an offer from the reality controversial show Bigg Boss 17 and was also invited to the Kapil Sharma Show. But she hasn’t approved anything yet.

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