Sad News For Cinema Lovers : All Cinemas To Remain Closed In Punjab

The year 2021 may also turn out to be a replica of 2020. The virus had remained calm for most of the part in 2021, but as soon as March started, the situation of coronavirus suddenly got frightening. India hit the 100k cases in a day mark for the first time in the year. Due to the return of COVID-19, the ministry of Punjab has decided to take some firm steps to control the spread. Public places including Cinema halls have been shut down from 20 april-30 april.

The Chief Minister of Punjab, Captain Amrinder Singh himself demanded everyone to follow the latest guidelines. The total cases in Punjab have crossed the 300k mark. As such, it becomes important to take any necessary steps to save the lives of the people. We urge everyone to always wear a mask, carry a sanitizer with you, stay home and only get out when necessary. 

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