“Saheli Mia Khalifa Chahidi Te Gharwali Nimrat Khaira”: Internet Left Divided On Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu’s Clothes

21 Year Old Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu made the whole nation proud when she brought the ‘Miss Universe’ crown back home after a long wait of 21 years. While a part of the public was savoring the moment and congratulating Harnaaz on her splendid victory, the other part found it disturbing that a ‘Punjabi’ girl ‘threw her culture flying in the air and wore bikinis to win the competition’.

Various posts on social media platform, Instagram, called out Harnaaz Sandhu for wearing short clothes at the competition. Sharing a picture of Harnaaz in a swimsuit, which she wore during the swimsuit round of the competition, people commented that if Harnaaz’s prize in a ‘nudity contest’ (referring to Miss Universe beauty pageant) makes you proud, then no one can stop you from selling your dignity in the open market.

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Various other people sarcastically congratulated Harnaaz for winning the most prestigious Beauty pageant by wearing short clothes. The posts even bashed Harnaaz’s parents and family for being in the Sikh Religion and still buying their daughter short clothes. 

The posts being controversial, were bound to be filled with various perspectives and opinions. Many people were in complete support of the posts’ ideology and wording while the others called it ‘narrow mindedness’. A user commented that people here want Mia Khalifa as a girlfriend but Nimrat Khaira as a wife. Others commented that Miss Universe is won after years of struggle, answering difficult questions and professional modeling skills and its not just about wearing ‘short clothes’. 

So, the public is divided on the topic. A section is just happy and proud that India, and Punjab, has the most beautiful women in the universe while others are worried about Punjab’s culture and heritage ‘flying away in the air’. A part mocks her for wearing swimsuits while the other calls it sick mindedness and double standards. 

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