Sajid Nadiadwala Confirms Kick 2 But Won’t Release Now; Here is the Reason

Salman Khan has a huge fan base across the globe. His action starrers are worth the watch with some amazing songs and witty comedy scenes. Salman’s action banger Kick was a huge success at the box office. Fans have been curious about the second part of this film as Salman’s stunts and action series are unmatched. 

Recently Sajid Nadiadwala confirmed the same at the ‘Bawal’ event in Dubai. He also said that through Kick, he launched himself as a filmmaker and it is his favorite project. Talking about the film, he said he wants to make a big scale sequel which he wants to release at the right time. He also added that fans and media persons are always hyped up about this film. He said “The subject is there on paper, it’s completely written but needs time. We need to have cinema consumption back in fashion for us to make Kick.”

Sajid also addressed the covid situation and said that now people have started watching films on OTT platforms and have stopped going to cinema halls which has affected the producers a lot. He said that Covid 19 affected the economy of our country and now people prefer watching films at the comfort of their homes. He plans to release Kick 2 when the situation normalises. It seems that he had already written the script of Kick 2 and will start the direction when things improve. He has also given the narration to Salman Khan already. 

Sajid added “We can’t be complacent; we have to provide a great cinematic experience. We need to work very hard to give value for not just their money but also their time. They will be coming for the best and not the ‘decent’ ‘okay’ zone of content.”

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