Did Salman Khan Break His No Kissing Policy? Kissing Picture With THIS Actress Goes Viral

Salman Khan always follows a no-kiss policy in films. In his career so far, he has not kissed any of his co-stars. Not only this, he never does any intimate or romantic scenes. Even if he was dating her during the shooting. However, a picture is going viral on social media.

It is being said that Salman had broken his ‘no kissing policy’ in the film ‘Jeet’ in 1996. Looking at this picture surfaced on Reddit, it definitely seems that Salman is kissing his co-star Karisma Kapoor ‘lip to lip’. Although it is not so.

While sharing the photo on Reddit, the user has claimed that Salman Khan has broken his no-kiss policy. Many people took to the comment section to share their reactions and express their views. 

Some said that it had happened, while some said that it had not. Many users have also said that they miss seeing Salman and Karisma together on screen.

This scene comes in the song ‘Abhi Saans Lene Ki Fursat Nahi’ in the movie ‘Jeet’. Here Salman and Karisma are standing in a store. In the song, Salman is eating ice cream and teasing Karisma. 

In such a situation, Karishma snatches the ice cream and applies it on Salman’s mouth and then cleans it as seen in the picture. The interesting thing is that so that the kissing scene does not happen, this scene is immediately cut in the song after this.

However, while commenting on the viral post, a user has written, ‘They are not really kissing. He is kissing the side of her chin. One said, ‘Salman’s head has turned to the other side.’ One wrote, ‘Was it true?’ Asked another, ‘This is the first time I have seen them together like this.’

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