Fact Check: Salman Khan Loses 3 Million Followers After Slamming Elvish Yadav?

Big Boss OTT has been in the headlines since weeks now after the entry of mega YouTuber Elvish Yadav. Big Boss OTT 2 has a new host this year as Salman Khan has replaced Karan Johar. 

Salman Khan has been hosting Big Boss since years now and this is the first time that the Bhaijaan is hosting the digital version of the reality show. 

Salman Khan is popular for lashing out at contestants and brutally slamming them for their behaviour but this time things didn’t fare well for the actor. A video went viral recently in which Salman was seen brutally bashing out Elvish Yadav and humiliating him. 

After this video got viral, several Instagram posts went trending which showed the number of followers Salman Khan had and how it affected after the actor bashed Elvish Yadav openly hurting the sentiments of several fans. 

These rumours show that before Salman slammed Elvish, he enjoyed a huge number of followers amounting to 66.8 million on Instagram however now his followers have been reduced to 63.7 million.

Fake news spreading regarding Salman Khan losing his followers

Social Blade shared the stats of Salman Khan’s followers on Instagram and it showed that as of July 17, Salman had 63.3 million followers on Instagram and now there is an Increase in the number. 

There is a rapid growth of 20k followers adding to the list reaching it to be 63.6 million. The rumours that Salman Khan had lost 3 million followers on Instagram were fake. 

On a daily basis the actor is witnessing a growth of 20-30k followers and nowhere does it show that the followers have decreased. 

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