Vindu Dara Singh Opens Up On How Salman Khan Spends His Pocket Money

Vindu Dara Singh Opens Up On How Salman Khan Spends His Pocket Money

Bollywood actor Salman Khan is as good an actor as he is a good human being. Salman is always ahead to help others, this is the reason why Dabangg Khan is the favorite of his fans. 

Now Vindu Dara Singh, who has been Salman Khan’s close friend and actor since college days, has shared many interesting stories related to him.

In a recent interview, he also revealed that Salman still depends on the pocket money given by his father Salim Khan and he uses it to help others.

Recently, during a conversation with Siddharth Kannan, Vindu Dara Singh revealed many secrets related to Salman Khan. Vindu said in the interview, he and Salman Khan are childhood friends. He has known him for a long time and he is a good person. 

Along with this, Vindu also told that Salman’s father Salim Khan used to give him money daily, which Salman gave to his assistant Nadeem.

He further said, “His father (veteran screenwriter Salim Khan) used to give him money every day. He would hand over the money to Salman’s helper Nadeem. What expenses does Salman have, after all? So, whatever his father gave him, be it Rs 50,000 or Rs 1 lakh, he would donate it to the poor. And the blessings of such acts are with him even today.”

Vindu added that Salman Khan would donate at least Rs 25-30 lakh every month and continues this habit to date.

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