Salman Khan Sues KRK Over His Negative Review On Film ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’

Salman Khan has moved to court and filed a Defamation Case against self-proclaimed film critic Kamaal Rashid Khan, KRK, for passing negative remarks and giving negative reviews for his film ‘Radhe’.

The blockbuster Salman Khan came out with his next big release, Radhe, this Eid. The superstar is known to give huge blockbusters on the occasion of Eid every year. But this time, Salman Khan did not deliver up to the audience’s expectations. 

Although the movie created a record for the most streams on the opening day on OTT platform Zee5, it did not manage to impress the fans. The Bollywood critics mostly gave negative reviews to the film but KRK’s review was the one most talked about. The critic is known to give his reviews to Bollywood movies on his youtube channel and Radhe too fell prey to the critic’s hands.

Rating the movie 1 star out of 10, the critic defined it as a ‘total crap’. He even compared the movie with Coronavirus by creating a parallelism between COVID’s effect on lungs and Radhe’s effect on the brain. He also criticised actress Disha Patani, Salman Khan and the director Prabhu Deva in the review and for the very reason, a defamation case has been filed against him by the makers. 

KRK later went on to request the makers of the movie and Salman Khan to not proceed with the case as he would not review the movie in the future. The critic also added that he would not have gone for the review if Salman Khan had personally told him not to.

It is yet to be seen if KRK’s tweets would make any difference in Salman Khan’s decision.

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