Salman Khan’s Neighbour Claims “Bodies Of Film Stars Buried” In Actor’s Panvel Farmhouse

Salman Khan has again landed into a controversy. This time the actor has locked horns with his neighbours. As, Salman recently filed a defamation case against Ketan Kakkad, who owns a plot of land near the actor’s farmhouse in Panvel near Mumbai, for tarnishing his reputation during an interview with a YouTube channel.

Salman Khan’s neighbour, in an explosive interview, has alleged that “bodies of film stars are buried” in the Bollywood actor’s Panvel farmhouse. 

From the news report of Times Of India, Salman Khan’s Lawyer Pradeep Gandhy stated that “these allegations are being made without any proof and were deliberate attempts at tarnishing the reputation of the actor.” 

Salman Khan had further filed a Short Cause civil suit against his Panvel farmhouse neighbour to stop him from making false, disparaging and defamatory allegations in the form of videos, posts or tweets. As part of their property dispute, Kakkad has reportedly claimed that Salman Khan had blocked access to his plot which is situated beside Arpita Farms.

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Not only this, Salman’s neighbour also made a shocking allegation that the star is conducting illegal activities like child trafficking. Though Salman’s lawyer has denied all this but something concrete can only be said when the official statement will come out.

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