Samantar 2 Review: An Attempt To Confront The Fate

Title: Samantar 2

Key Cast: Swwapnil Joshi, Tejaswini Pandit, Sai Tamhankar and Nitish Bharadwaj

Kidddaan Rating: 4/5

Samantar is a thrilled Marathi web series that is being broadcasted on MX player, an OTT platform. It is a story about a person Kumar Mahajan who lives an identical life as Sudarshan Chakrapani. The series revolves around the life of Kumar who tried to change his destiny. The entire team of the second season has done a successful attempt to grip the audience for the whole season.

The first season of Samantar has six episodes and the bulk of the season goes in the hunt of Sudarshan Chakarapani whose past is Kumar’s present and future. At last, when Kumar meets him, Sudarshan hands him his diary which has his life story. However, Mahajan is not allowed to read the entire journal in one go. There was a condition according to which he can read a day head only. 

The second season is a stretch to 10 episodes. Its story continued from the end of the last one. Kumar’s and Sudarshan’s life is being narrated in a parallel manner. Thirty years ago, a woman entered Surdashan’s life and ruined everything, that mystery woman turned out to be Sundara. Similarly, Meera created turbulence in Mahajan’s life and Kumar ends up getting arrested for a serious crime that jeopardizes his relationship with Nima, his wife. 

Similar to season one, the second season also contains a package of twists and turns which will glue the spectators to the screen. Unlike other web series, Samantar’s second season is way more entertaining and it will maintain its flavor thoroughly. Nonetheless, even after watching all the episodes many aspects of the story remain veiled. Besides, the introduction of a new character in the last episode indicates its third season.
The character of Kumar Mahajan in the series was played by Swwapnil Joshi, Nitish Bharadwaj acted as Sudarshan Chakrapani and Sai Tamhankar played dual roles as Sundara in Sudarshan’s life and Meera in Kumar’s life. Other than these, Kumar’s wife Nima’s character was played by Tejaswini Pandit. Ambar Hadap is the screenplay writer of the twisted dramatic series, which is an adaptation of the novel ‘Samantar’ written by Suhas Shirwalkar. The direction of the Series got swiped from Satish Rajwade, director of the first season to Sameer Vidwans who reins in its second season.

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