Samdish Bhatia Accuses ScoopWhoop’s Ex-CEO Sattvik Mishra Of Sexual Assault

The past few months have not been the best at India’s leading media company, ScoopWhoop Media Private Limited. While the departure of the host of ScoopWhoop’s Unscripted, Samdish Bhatia, came off as a surprise, Sattvik Mishra stepped down from the post of CEO of the firm months later. Sattvik reasoned mental harassment and threats by an ex-colleague for stepping down as the CEO.

Now, Samdish has publicly come out with his official statement. He, through a social media post, accused Sattvik Mishra of sexually assaulting him. He also alleged that he was offered huge sums of money to ‘shut up’ and move on, adding that people at ScoopWhoop suggested to him that any ‘misunderstanding’ could be sorted out and that Samdish should get back to the chirpy-him.

However, Samdish refused to go into the details of the assault stating the consequences of the aftermath as the reason. He described all of it as mudslinging and harassment against him and his lawyer. Samdish had bid his farewell to ScoopWhoop in October, 2021 without revealing the reasons behind his actions. However, months later, he took it to his social media handles to state an alleged ‘assault’ by a senior employee as the reason behind his departure.

Now, he’s straightforwardly accused Sattvik Mishra for the alleged sexual assault. There has been no reaction by Sattvik or ScoopWhoop on the issue or Samdish’s allegations yet. After Sattvik’s resignation, Rishi Pratim Mukherjee, Co-founder and COO of ScoopWhoop was made the interim CEO.

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