Sameep Ranaut Talks About His Toughest Yet Funniest Scene In The Movie Tunka Tunka

Sameep Ranaut Talks About His Toughest Yet Funniest Scene In The Movie Tunka Tunka

The upcoming movie Tunka Tunka is the most awaited movie of Punjabi Cinema. The movie will feature Hardeep Grewal in his acting debut and lead role. And in the character of Hardeep’s childhood, the fans will witness the amazing child actor Sameep Ranaut, who won a national award for his acting skills in Harjeeta. And recently the junior actor has talked about his experience while working for this movie. 

Talking about the toughest scene that he had to act in, Sameep revealed that it was most difficult for him to ride a cycle besides a train. Because firstly it was important to ride the cycle very nicely and secondly it was important to make sure there are no mistakes. Even after multiple efforts, this scene couldn’t be a perfect one take shot. The team had to shoot it again and again, and the funniest yet the most boring part was to wait for the next train to arrive.

Sameep revealed that the team had to wait for almost 3 hours, because it is when the next train arrives at the station and they could shoot.

We can really understand how difficult it would have been for the cast, crew and especially for Sameep being the youngest one. But neither can we deny the fact that this experience will remain the most memorable one for them all.

By the way, the scene we are talking about can be seen in the trailer as well. 

Enjoy the review and watch the trailer of Tunka Tunka here:
Tunka Tunka Trailer Review

Tunka Tunka will hit the theatres on 5th August and we are really very excited for the same. 

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