Sara Ali Khan to feature with Sidhu Moosewala!

The headline is clear in itself. Sidhu Moosewala always comes up with something which makes one feel astonished, whether it is about his controversies or new projects. This time also, he is ready to rock in his upcoming project. A project with a combination of Punjabi Industry and Bollywood is in progress. As per reports, Bollywood actress and celebrity Sara Ali Khan will feature with Sidhu Moosewala in his upcoming project.

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Though they have not announced it officially, and neither Sidhu talked about it in his latest interviews. But it is confirmed that they both will share the screen soon. It looks like Sidhu is again ready for creating a superhit and this time it will be unusual as well. Wondering about the plot, costumes, look and everything is making us more and more excited.

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We believe it is definitely great news for all Moosewala and Sara Ali Khan fans because it is surely going to be a great collaboration and one of its kind.

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This news is nothing to keep calm about. It will be really an amazing feeling to experience them both together. We are really very excited. What’s your reaction to this news?

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