Sara Gurpal’s Eyes Got Badly Injured In Bigg Boss task

Bigg Boss ex-contestant Sara Gurpal is currently ruling the internet because the people are showing immense support for her. The audience of the show believes her eviction from the show was very unfair and unethical, and she deserves to be on the show back. We have already covered the story in another article, which you can read here,

Audience Wants Sara Gurpal Back On Bigg Boss 14

As per reports, when Sara Gurpal was spotted leaving back to Chandigarh, her eyes were visibly injured. She really doesn’t look fine in the viral pictures, because one can easily notice her swollen and red eyes. Her eyes got hurt when she was performing a task in the Bigg Boss house, in which the contestant had to sit on a bulldozer and keep sitting, bearing the torture by other contestants. And this was during this task, when another contestant Nikki Tamboli, with the help of her acrylic nails hurt Sara’s eyes. Undoubtedly this footage was edited out from the episode.

In such a case, it is even more justified that Sara’s eviction was really not fair, and there are high chances that the makers will give her another chance. We really want to see her back on the show, so that she gets fair chances of playing the game.

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