Fact Check: Did Sara Tendulkar & Shubman Gill Click Picture Together

Shubman Gill and Sara Tendulkar have been sparking dating rumors for a while now. There was a wave of rumours spreading that Sara and Shubman are in a relationship but nothing was official or disclosed by the duo yet. 

Recently, a photo went viral on X, in which Sara Tendulkar can be seen posing and embracing Shubman Gill. The photo was shared by an X user saying that Sara and Shubman made their relationship public. 

But if we look into their official instagram accounts, there has been no such announcement by the alleged couple, so is it true they’re in a relationship? Or something else is on the table?

Fact Check

The Viral image on social media made the users think that Sara and Shubman have made their relationship public. When the instagram accounts of these two were checked there was no such announcement but there was a clue. 

In September, Sara Tendulkar shared a bunch of photos with her brother wishing him a very happy birthday in which she was wearing the same clothes and posing in the same way as in the rumoured picture with Shubman Gill. 

After checking, it was concluded that the image which went viral was morphed using Deepfake. 

Deepfake technology has been used these days to edit images and such morphed photos get viral within no time. But, after doing a fact Check, it is sure that none of them has revealed anything about their bonding and alleged relationship. 

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