Sardar’s Take Becomes The First Ever Punjabi Music & Movie Critic To Cross 1 Lakh YouTube Subscribers

Popular Punjabi Youtuber, Jagman Virk, aka Sardar’s Take, has achieved a remarkable feat in the field of Youtube. He has become the first ever Punjabi Movie & Music Critic to cross 1 Lakh (100k) Subscribers on Youtube. His content mostly focuses on reviewing and providing constructive criticism on various movies, songs and other productions of the Punjabi Industry.

Sardar’s Take started his career on Youtube in April 2020 when he uploaded his first video. Initially, the Youtuber focussed solely on Movie Reviews but remember it’s the year 2020. The global pandemic of COVID-19, that changed the way life was perceived also had an effect on Sardar’s Take’s career but it turned out to be life changing for him. The Punjabi Film Industry was hit hard by the pandemic and it prevented any new releases, so the Youtuber held the ledge of Song Reviews.

The first-ever song review he did was ‘Keh Len De’ by Kaka and it went viral. It changed the game for Sardar’s Take and he got a fair regular engagement on his channel. He went on to cover hundreds of songs and movies and as a result, has today become the first-ever Punjabi critic to reach 100k Subscriber mark on Youtube.

Sharing his feelings on achieving this remarkable feat, Sardar’s Take had an exclusive talk with team Kiddaan. He said that he has always tried to provide his honest opinion on almost every Punjabi movie and song. Though he has no idea if his opinion is always correct or incorrect, he has tried to remain honest with his art. 

“Punjabi Industry is the biggest non-film music industry of the country yet there are hardly any notable vocal critics in the industry. It needs more people doing the same work as me because being the only critic in the field makes it really hard for me to survive. Healthy vocal critic in an industry is really important for its growth. Other industries have various critics and reviewers who are able to express themselves freely without any fear and we need people like them in our industry too”, said Sardar’s Take highlighting the importance of constructive vocal criticism for an industry’s growth.

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