Canada-Based Sarwan Singh Breaks Own Record For World’s Longest Beard! VIDEO

Sarwan Singh, a Canada-based Sikh man is currently ruling the internet and various news headlines too. He has recently broken his own record for having the world’s longest beard. Yes, Sarwan Singh has got his name marked in the book of Guinness World Record twice and that too for the same thing. 

Sarwan Singh’s beard was recently measured to be 2.54 m (8 feet 3 inches). The video of the same is made available on the official YouTube channel of Guinness World Records and is winning amazing reactions & impressions from the netizens. 

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Before measuring the beard, the natural facial hair is kept wet to avoid any curls so that the hair length can be easily & properly measured. 

Earlier, in 2008 with a beard length of 2.33 m (7 feet 8 inches), he had broken the record of Sweden’s Birger Pellas whose beard was 1.77 m (5 feet 9 inches) long. And later in 2010, his beard was re-measured on the sets of Lo Show dei Record in Rome, Italy, and his beard was then 2.495 m (8 feet 2.5 inches) long. 

Talking about his record, Sarwan Singh said, “Since the early age of 17 when the beard started growing in, I’ve kept it the same way. It’s one of the main and most important aspects of being a Sikh. Without kes (hair), no one is a Sikh”. 

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With this, Sarwan also revealed the routine that he follows to take care of his exceptionally long beard. Apart from proper shampooing and conditioning, Mr Singh also combs oil and gel through his beard after drying it. 

He usually keeps his beard tied and covered with a cloth but unties it to attend special occasions or religious ceremonies.

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