Satinder Sartaaj finally gave his take on the Farmers Protest

Satinder Sartaaj is one of the very popular and much-loved singers and artists from Punjab. Not only every Punjabi but he has an international fanbase. People love him more than they love his songs. And now as there are farmers protesting for their rights in Delhi every Sartaaj fan was waiting for his take on the ongoing protest. Finally, Sartaaj has released his statement in an interview and said any bill which the government passes is for the betterment of society, but if the people are not satisfied or happy with that then definitely something is wrong.

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Earlier Sartaj was on stage as well, to motivate the protestors and strengthen the unity through his poetry and singing.

It is good to see that Sartaaj has taken this initiative and stepped forward to support the farmers. Other than Satinder Sartaaj there are many other Punjabi singers and celebrities who are coming forward to stand by the farmers right now. Sidhu Moose Wala, Babbu Maan, Harsh Cheema, Diljit Dosanjh, and many other popular artists are already there on the list.

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Talking about the farmers who are protesting in Delhi, we really appreciate their peaceful protest which is not leading to any violence at all. Satinder Sartaaj has also praised the farmers for this.

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