Satisfy: Sidhu Moosewala And Shooter Kahlon Are Ready To Blow Away The Audience Once Again!

Satisfy: Sidhu Moosewala And Shooter Kahlon Are Ready To Blow Away The Audience Once Again!

Sidhu Moosewala and Shooter Kahlon have finally announced their most awaited collaborative track. The audience had been waiting for this since the pictures of both the artists shooting with each other went viral and now the official announcement is here. ‘Satisfy’ is going to be the name of the upcoming track and it is set to be released on 18 November, 2021.

The pictures that had gone viral showed Shooter Kahlon taking a ride on a bike with Sidhu Moosewala. Many other pictures from the sets also went viral. It was almost confirmed that the duo was once again getting along together on a track, all that we were awaiting was an official announcement.

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Shooter Kahlon and Sidhu Moosewala are a duo that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Their first ever and the only track together, ‘Game’ is still one of the biggest tracks in the Punjabi Music History. It became one of the most commented Youtube videos in the world and the most commented Youtube music video in India, surpassing many music videos of super hit Bollywood tracks and even top Indian Youtubers.

Now, we can once again expect magic from this explosive duo. Even after Game, Shooter Kahlon has always kept the bar high by releasing singles like Touchwood and Skookum, both of which were super hit tracks from the artist’s side.

The music of Satisfy has been produced by Trippy and the video has been made by Pink Pipe Pictures. Just like their previous track, this one will also be released through Sidhu’s music label, 5911 Records. The poster of the song has also been revealed to the public but it does not reveal much about the song. So 18 November is the date we will be watching Shooter and Sidhu coming together on the screen, once again!

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