‘Say No To…’: Shah Rukh Khan’s Appeal To Fans On The Release Of Pathaan

The movie Pathaan, starring Shah Rukh Khan, is scheduled to hit theaters on January 25 and is a highly significant film for both business and Shah Rukh Khan. 

This film was eagerly anticipated by the industry as well as Shah Rukh Khan’s fans. Pathaan possesses the charisma that the Hindi film industry, which the coronavirus pandemic has severely harmed, desperately seeks. 

Moreover, it appears that Pathaan will assist in overcoming the ongoing downshift at the box office of Hindi films, based on reports of bookings on the first day. 

Pathaan had earlier faced some obstacles, like social media boycott campaigns, and now Pathaan estimates piracy as yet another problem. Therefore, Shah Rukh has pleaded with his fans and cinephiles to assist the industry in fighting piracy. 

In advance of Pathaan’s highly anticipated release, the film’s cast, which includes John Abraham, Deepika Padukone, and Shah Rukh Khan, has also urged fans to watch it only in theaters to avoid piracy. 

The stars shared a trailer for the movie on Monday that featured the main characters they will play. Shah Rukh requested movie lovers to book tickets to watch the film on large screens in theaters. He wrote on his Instagram account, “As Pathaan fights for India, you can also fight piracy for our film industry!” So say no to piracy by seeing Pathaan on January 25 worldwide, only in theaters! You control the resources.”  

Deepika Padukone also shared the video and added a strong line that said, “Say no to piracy.” Additionally, she urged fans to report anyone supporting Pathaan’s piracy. 

The clip was shared with the caption, “Piracy needs to be fought aggressively because it impacts our industry,” by John Abraham, who plays an antagonist in the movie. So say no to piracy when you see Pathaan on January 25 worldwide, only in theaters!

That’s not it. The video was shared with a powerful message on the production company’s Instagram account, stating that, just as a Pathaan will battle to save India, you can also fight piracy! So say no to piracy and see Pathaan in theaters worldwide starting January 25!

Additionally, they shared a [email protected] email address for reporting websites distributing pirated content.

In the comments section, the stars’ fans agreed with the team Pathaan’s appeal. Yes, we should only see Pathaan in theaters; say no to piracy,” one user wrote in response to another’s comment. “Ye aisi film hai ki sab theatre me hi jyenge apko dekhne. Akhir, you are coming after four years, Khan Sahab (this is the kind of movie for which everyone will go to the theaters to watch. After all, you are returning to the screen after 4 years).”

Siddharth Anand is the director of Pathaan, a spy movie. Salman Khan will also appear in the film in a cameo as his spy character Tiger.

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