SC Slams Nupur Sharma: “You Must Apologize To The Nation On TV, You Are Responsible For Udaipur Incident”

Reacting to a plea by former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma, the Supreme Court has lashed out at the suspended BJP leader, adding that she is the one who is responsible for the Udaipur incident, and directed Nupur Sharma to apologise before the nation on Television. 

Following Nupur’s disparaging comments on the Prophet Muhammad, there were widespread protests both nationally and internationally. The apex court ruled that Nupur Sharma must apologise and that she is responsible for everything that is taking place across the country. 

Justice Surya Kant said, “we saw the debate on how she was incited. But the way she said all this and later said she was a lawyer it is shameful. She should apologise to the whole country.” 

“Nupur Sharma faces threats or she has become a security threat? The way she ignited emotions across the nation, this lady is single handedly responsible for what is happening in the country. “What if she is the spokesperson of a party. She thinks she has back up of power and can make any statement without respect to the law of the land,” said Justice Surya Kant during the hearing. 

As quoted by news agency ANI on its official Twitter handle, “Supreme Court refuses to grant relief to suspended BJP leader Nupur for transferring all FIRs registered against her to Delhi. Nupur Sharma withdraws her plea from the Supreme Court.”

With this, the Supreme Court has refused to grant relief to suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma. The court was hearing the plea of Nupur Sharma to transfer all the FIRs registered against her to Delhi.

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